Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 1 Episode 2

The First Week (#2) King Friday Challenges Change (Black & White, 1967)

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1968 on PBS



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    • Lady Aberlin: Trolley, how long has this all been going on? (trolley chimes) Oh, it's terrible, really. (trolley chimes) What's your serial number? (trolley chimes) I'm 34567.

    • Mister Rogers: Well, he isn't the happiest Great Uncle Friday that you've seen in a long time.
      Betty Aberlin: Oh, no. What's wrong?
      Mister Rogers: Lady Elaine has been up to her tricks again, and she's moved the Eiffel Tower...

    • Mister Rogers: It's fun to play with bags. But not plastic bags. Those we throw away - right away!

    • Mister Rogers: (referring to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe) I like that place. But they've had some sad times.

    • Mister Rogers: Sometimes potatoes come in burlap bags. But this is not potatoes. In here, next is a plastic bag. I bet you know what it is already. Do you? It has a string on the back. It's not a bow and arrow. It's not a harp. It's a picture!

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