Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 1 Episode 3

The First Week (#3) Chef Brockett Bakes a Cake Fit for a King (Black & White, 1967)

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1968 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters the house with a package tied up with string. Sitting at the table, he cuts open the package to find nothing inside but a note from Chef Brockett, saying that he'll be by later to fill the box. Rogers gets a glass of milk, talks of his grandmother, and sings "I'd Like to Be Just Like My Mom."

Rogers asks Picture Picture what Chef Brockett is going to put in the box, and sees it is a list of food items, such as eggs, milk, vanilla, and flour. Mr. McFeely arrives with a telegram from Chef Brockett, saying he's delayed but that he'll be at the house at "27 after 12" and after counting "eight and nine-tenths." Brockett arrives and wordlessly begins helping himself to Rogers' cupboards and refrigerator. He pulls mixing bowls and milk and eggs and other ingredients and begins to blend them. Without speaking, he enlists Rogers' help until the batter is made, placed in pans, and baked in the oven. The two of them then put frosting on the cake, and Chef Brockett leaves in a hurry, clutching his newly baked cake.

Rogers remembers after Brockett has left, that Brockett doesn't know about the new regulations in The Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Brockett is confronted by Lady Aberlin, who is guarding the castle. Edgar Cooke and Chef Brockett have a conversation about the new way of life in the NOM. King Friday emerges and asks Lady Aberlin to cut a piece of cake. They realize that his reason for wanting the cake cut up is out of suspicion - that Chef Brockett might have tried to poison the cake or slip in a secret message. Chef Brockett goes away with his feelings hurt.

Back at the house, Rogers discusses King Friday's overreaction. In the fridge, he discovers that Chef Brockett left him a container of jello to eat. Rogers talks about his favorite food, then surveys the mess around him still on the table and begins to clean up as he sings. The show ends with him cleaning the kitchen.

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