Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 23 Episode 12

Then & Now (2)

Aired Unknown Aug 31, 1993 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has silhouettes of carrots and potatoes, and compares both to pictures of the real vegetables. Mr. McFeely brings a shadow artist, Jim West. Rogers takes them to the kitchen, where West does his shadow art on the refrigerator. West uses his hands to make an alligator, a bird, a spider, an elephant, a reindeer, and a duck and a bulldog. He puts his whole body into a shadow swan. In the NOM, Robert Troll tries to explain to Queen Sara of his taking the Trolley and discovering its other properties. King Friday reminds Queen Sara of her meeting, then asks Robert Troll for an errand. Apparently some shadows were left behind at the Castle. He hands Robert Troll the shadows of Henrietta, X, Harriet Elizabeth Cow, and Donkey Hodie. Lady Aberlin has a full day on her hands. Thus Robert Troll splits the four shadows between them. Henrietta is sunbathing, so Robert Troll returns her shadow, along with X's. Lady Aberlin makes the last-ever visit to Someplace Else. Harriet enlists her help to sort the vegetables. She returns shadows to Harriet and Donkey Hodie. Back at the Castle, Robert Troll is taking a nap. Trolley wakes him, reminding him of Trolley's tricks. Lady Aberlin learns from Robert Troll the first of Trolley's amazing effects. Robert Troll takes the Trolley off the tracks long enough to see the moment King Friday XIII gave him the shadows. Queen Sara insists the Trolley stays on the tracks, but Robert Troll and Lady Aberlin are ready to explain Trolley's extra dimension. Back at the television house, Rogers begins reading the poem My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson. He never finishes the poem. Mr. McFeely brings the videotape on how people make light bulbs. Before the screening, Mr. McFeely shows an unfrosted bulb and the wire that goes in it. After the video is screened and Mr. McFeely leaves, Rogers shows a silhouette of a tree. He says he used to sing Tree, Tree, Tree to his sons when they were little. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Tree, Tree, Tree, Good Feeling.