Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 23 Episode 13

Then & Now (3)

Aired Unknown Sep 01, 1993 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has a posterboard painting of the NOM. Each locale has a door, which Rogers opens to reveal all the puppet characters who live at the locales. Rogers mimes X the Owl prior to telling viewers of his expected visit with a mime artist. He calls Mrs. McFeely to confirm that Mr. McFeely and the mime artist, called Motoko, are on their way. He greets both of them outside. Motoko suggests eating an apple, and both Rogers and McFeely mime eating in response to her. Then Motoko mimes walking, bouncing and throwing a ball, and imagining fish and butterflies. At Mr. McFeely's request, Motoko mimes a pussycat and an owl. In the NOM, King Friday hears about the Trolley's extra dimension, but hasn't seen it. Lady Aberlin explains that the Trolley must be taken from its tracks to show the past. When she takes the Trolley, it shows an image of a baby Prince Tuesday, then one of a baby Friday with his parents, then a baby Lady Aberlin. Friday gives Lady Aberlin permission to show the Trolley's extra dimension to the Platypus family. At the Platypus Mound, she shows Elsie Jean and Ana their baby pictures projected on the Trolley. Before she can get the Trolley back to its tracks, Lady Elaine and Bob Trow see on the Trolley's screen the NOM as a plain pasture. One by one, the locales appear. Then the Trolley invites Lady Aberlin to turn it upside-down. When she does, the Museum-Go-Round and the people around it go upside-down. Lady Aberlin shows this trick to Henrietta and X. King Friday implores Robert Troll and Lady Aberlin to the Castle, where Mayor Maggie shows her concern for Trolley. Back at the television house, Rogers gets his craft box. He cuts a door in one piece of construction paper, which he tapes to another piece of the same size. He draws a face on the inner piece of paper. The face can be seen when he opens the cutout door. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, One And One Are Two, There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You" (second half), Good Feeling.
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