Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 23 Episode 13

Then & Now (3)

Aired Unknown Sep 01, 1993 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • When Lady Aberlin or Robert Troll turns the Trolley upside down, and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe goes upside-down because of it, the rotating picture doesn't keep the Trolley upright at all times. On screen, factoring in SPFX, you can see the Trolley do a full 360-degree pivot.

    • Mister Rogers brought a painting on the entire Neighborhood of Make-Believe and everyone in it, including Grandpère and the Eiffel Tower. But when he assembles the Make-Believe models, he does not use the Eiffel Tower (its model will not be seen until the last week of shows). Nor would he ever use the figurines of any Make-Believe characters after February 1991.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Rogers: Did you ever wonder what the world was like before you were even born? Strange to think about you're not being here, isn't it? But when you did get born, you had to have people who loved you--for you to want to be healthy. And the more you grow, the more you'll be able to help other people know that they are lovable, too. That's what being a good neighbor is all about.

    • Mr. Rogers: If you were going to show and tell someone about our Neighborhood of Make-Believe, how do you think you would do it? By drawing with crayons, or painting with paint, or sculpting with clay, or dancing? Sure, you can do all those things to show and tell what the neighborhood means to you.

  • Notes

    • Trolley reveals the land on which the Neighborhood of Make-Believe stands, bringing in all the landmarks in the order they were founded. While the Clock came first and then the Castle, it's hard to tell if the order of the five other landmarks was consistent with the earliest shows.

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