Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 24 Episode 1

Things to Wear (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1994 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters with a triangular box in which he keeps an 18th-Century hat. He wears it and launches into a song, never perform'd before. Mr. McFeely enters, giving Rogers a bus pass. Together they ride through the neighborhood observing several people. A number of these people wear hats – chefs, rollerbladers, a letter carrier, policemen, construction workers, bicyclists and firemen. Rogers locates the aviary that he had visited years before. But he tells Mr. McFeely that no one wore the three-cornered hat from the 18th Century.
In the NOM, Mayor Maggie, wearing a three-cornered hat, tells Queen Sara that Westwood likes that type of hat. She dons a similar hat over Queen Sara's crown (which fools King Friday, or so he says). Mayor Maggie has a three-cornered hat for King Friday. He commands that everyone in NOM wear these hats, leading Mayor Maggie to collect a satchel of such hats from Westwood. Robert Troll, still wearing his traditional hat (he points the top of the hat to make the third corner), has a delivery for Lady Elaine C. Fairchilde. He runs into Chuck Aber, replete with a sack of three-cornered hats. They give one each to X the Owl and Henrietta. X the Owl says he hasn't worn a hat since he pretended to be Benjamin Franklin (in a pre-79). Once at the Museum, Robert Troll opens the package for Lady Elaine: it's an odd swami hat, much to Chuck Aber's disappointment. She says she will not wear a three-cornered hat. Robert Troll returns to the Castle, giving the Trolley a three-cornered hat at the King's behest. Kept quiet is Lady Elaine's refusal to wear the three-cornered hat.
Back at the television house, Rogers makes a hat from a paper circle and two clothespins. He then uses a paper plate as the base for a different hat, drawing a string through two holes in the plate.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Three-Cornered Hat, A Speedy Delivery, It's You I Like ("clothes" substituted for "toys"), Good Feeling.
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