Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 24 Episode 1

Things to Wear (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1994 on PBS



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    • Mr. Rogers: It's not the things you wear that makes you you, it's the person you are inside that counts. That's the part of you that I care about the most. When people know that they are loved for who they really are, it gives them a very good feeling.

    • Mr. Rogers: You know, whether you have a three-cornered hat, or a round hat, or a square hat, or no hat at all, it's you yourself that I like.

    • Mr. Rogers: (while making a paper hat) Each person who can make such a thing would make something different.

  • Notes

    • We learn in this episode that Lady Elaine Fairchilde's middle initial is C.

    • What's happened to the model for Negri's Music Shop? It's been replaced by a wooden building from Colonial Williamsburg (seen four days later). About four years later, the Colonial Williamsburg model would itself be displaced with a taller building.
      …If Mister Rogers could only have seen a year and a half in the future, the model for Brockett's Bakery would have been removed, not Negri's.

    • This was the first Mister Rogers' Neighborhood to be produced with WGBH/Boston's Descriptive Video Service. Also, WGBH/Boston takes over closed-captioning of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood after six years with the National Captioning Institute.

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