Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 24 Episode 2

Things to Wear (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1994 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers dresses in the Bob Dog costume, explaining he is still himself inside. Inevitably, he fools one Marilyn Barnett. At the porch, Barnett demonstrates two "partner" exercises: one has Rogers up on his toes when she is down and vice versa. Bob Trow joins in the last exercise, turning his hips along with Rogers and Barnett. When se leaves, Trow retrieves the Bob Dog costume. He tells Rogers that the best thing about any costume is the person inside it.
In the NOM, Handyman Negri does back-and-forth exercises with Mimus polyglottos and Troglodytes aedon. King Friday insists both birds wear the 18th-Century three-cornered hats. "You haven't time to be sorry," the King tells Negri. He also commands Bob Dog to wear said hat. They have difficulty finding a hat that will fit Bob Dog. After leaving the Castle, Bob Dog runs into Chuck Aber, who has just given a hat to Daniel. Aber says that Lady Elaine has a hat, but does not specify what kind. Daniel tells Bob Dog he has made a three-cornered hat for Malcolm Apricot Dinko. He also warns Bob Dog that Lady Elaine's hat is not the one King Friday ordered. At the Museum-Go-Round, James Michael Jones tells Bob Dog that Lady Elaine is in her W-N Room, because she will not wear the three-cornered hat. She appears briefly, adamant as ever. Aber asks Edgar Cooke to give a message to the King: "Handyman Negri is still at work."
Back at the television house, Mr. McFeely brings a video on how people make blue jeans.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Your Smile's Your Style, Good Feeling.
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