Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 24 Episode 4

Things to Wear (4)

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1994 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters carrying crutches and a cast. He explains how, when he fell and hurt his ankle, he had had his foot in a cast. While his foot healed, he used crutches, and he demonstrates. Rogers says that Chef Brockett, recovering from surgery, will show his crutches. Brockett beckons Rogers outside. The best way to work crutches, he says, is to use one cutch and the other leg. Brockett had spent his hospital stay exercising his upper body, and even painted a picture of a cupcake, which he gives to Rogers.
In the NOM, Betty Okonak Templeton speaks to King Friday, who still insists that "everyone must wear a three-cornered one," and gives a three-cornered hat to Betty. In Robert Troll's presence, Betty sees a loophole in the law. They meet Lady Elaine at the Museum-Go-Round. Lady Elaine shows them Chef Brockett's gift: a scarf with has three corners. Robert Troll dons the scarf on Lady Elaine and, as planned, goes to the Castle to report as NOM ends.
Rogers discusses Alan Morrison again. Rogers returns to the church to see Morrison and his friends who play flute and clarinet. Brothers Demarre and Anthony McGill discuss how they got started with their respective instruments. Morrison, now in his tuxedo, begins playing Tarantelle, and the brothers join in. Back at the television house, Rogers expresses how pleased he is that their musical talents help people. Mr. McFeely brings an unglued paper bag and a videotape on how people make paper bags.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Peace And Quiet, I'm Proud Of You, Good Feeling.