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  • Season 27 Episode 8: Be Yourself (3)

  • As a member of The Mister Rogers Society at Yahoo! has pointed out, the absence of an Eiffel Tower model leaves its mark in this episode. Rogers uses large puzzle pieces shaped like King Friday XIII, Queen Sara and Prince Tuesday going from the model Castle to the office of Dr. Bill Platypus stage left. Dr. Bill's office is in the Eiffel Tower. This should have been the ideal time to use the Eiffel Tower model.

  • Season 27 Episode 6: Be Yourself (1)

  • The film on macaroni production was made in conjunction with Hershey Pasta Group, Inc. and Miller Milling Company, which at the time of filming was a part of Hershey's Chocolate.

  • Season 27 Episode 5: Sharing (5)

  • Even though Betty Okonak Templeton was married to James Michael Jones in Feb. 1985, people reverted to calling her "Mrs. Templeton" after she and James adopted Carrie Dell. The non-use of "Betty Okonak Templeton Jones" has been viewed with similar disdain within The Mister Rogers Society at Yahoo! and these Episode Guides.
    But this episode took Betty Okonak Templeton's name wrong by a further step. WGBH's Descriptive Video Service identified Templeton as "Betty Okonak." That was her birth name, but we never knew her until 1983, after her first husband (Mr. Templeton) passed away.

  • Season 27 Episode 1: Sharing (1)

  • King Friday XIII may have set his crown aside to go swimming, but…in 1983, King Friday and Queen Sara discussed their crown care: "We wear them all the time." A member of The Mister Rogers Society at Yahoo! wrote, "All the time doesn't always necessarily mean 'all the time.' I'm sure [the King and Queen] at least take them off before they go to bed."

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