Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 23 Episode 1

Up & Down (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1992 on PBS

Episode Recap

From his regular position, Rogers stands up and walks up the two steps to the door. He waves his arms up and down and then his eyebrows. On the floor, he works the elevator on a toy car garage. Mr. McFeely walks in and, at Rogers' request, walks down the stairs and up again. He takes Rogers to a shopping mall to ride the escalator. Mr. McFeely gives a few tips on escalator rides. Then they see the glass elevators and ride one of them. In the NOM, Handyman Negri is playing dance music for Mimus polyglottos and Troglodytes aedon. Corny summons Handyman Negri to the Factory to transport rocking chairs via a pulley. Corny promises to give a gift for Handyman Negri. Mr. McFeely has a heavy delivery from the Up and Down Company for Lady Elaine Fairchilde. Handyman Negri helps Mr. McFeely delivery the package. Lady Elaine allows them to open the package. Inside is a hydraulic platform. Mr. McFeely stands on it first, as Handyman Negri works the up and down controls. Then Handyman Negri takes a ride. X the Owl asks Handyman Negri about the hydraulic lift. Corny presents Negri with his surprise: a rocking guitar holder. Back at the television house, Rogers says that, if you don't have fancy toys, you can use your fingers to pretend going up and down, and you can use your imagination to create stories. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Let's Think Of Something To Do While We're Waiting, I'm A Man Who Manufactures, Speedy Delivery To You, It's You I Like, Good Feeling.