Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 13 Episode 1508

When Friends Fight

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1982 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers talks about restaurants and why people go out to eat. He then takes his viewers to a neighborhood venue where Audrey Roth sometimes works. She is there hostessing, waitressing, and working as cashier. Rogers talks about restaurant etiquette, then takes his television audience back to the kitchen to watch the chef prepare his sandwich.

In the NOM, neighbors get clues for a scavenger hunt involving the neighborhood picnic. Lady Aberlin ends up making a fruit salad with miniature fruit from a tiny tree. X the Owl and Henrietta Pussycat help her, but in the midst of the preparation, X gets bossy and makes Henrietta angry. She takes her snack and leaves his house. Lady Aberlin tries to help them sort through the disagreement, and eventually the two make up and begin cooking again.

Back at the house, Rogers sings, "What do you do with the mad that you feel?"