Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 29 Episode 13

When Things Get Broken (3)

Aired Unknown Aug 25, 1999 on PBS



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  • Quotes

    • Prince Tuesday: It's scary when people break things--very scary!
      Lady Aberlin: That's for sure.

    • King Friday: (Looking at Lady Aberlin's toy) What does this contraption have to do with Hula Mouse?
      Lady Aberlin: Oh, I just thought you might enjoy it.
      King Friday: Uh, balderdash! (Throws the toy to the ground) My rules are my rules!

  • Notes

    • At the beginning of the program, Rogers brings a toy slide on which small marbles can roll. He puts a large ball on the track, but it cannot pass through an enclosed part of the slide. It's interesting to note that, at the time this show debuted, some PBS stations were airing a CGI animation of a similar slide and a cube not able to get through an enclosed space. The CGI animation was used for the music video release of Craig & Co.'s Imaginit, released as a CD October 15, 1996. CD tracks were, in order of appearance:

      1. Imaginit
      2. Why Does the Wind Blow?
      3. Hand in Hand (for which the slide animation was used)
      4. Tall Tales
      5. Captain Quazar
      6. The World Is a Circle
      7. It's Magic
      8. Dawg E. Dog
      9. There Is a Time
      10. Slow Things Down
      11. Alley Oops
      12. Magic Garden

      All except "World Is a Circle" and "It's Magic" were made into music videos courtesy of American Public Television and other companies.

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