Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 14 Episode 7

Work (2)

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 1984 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers plays a cat's cradle with a piece of string, one of several things his uncle had showed him. He also does a couple of magic tricks with the string. A telephone call alerts Rogers to visit the local dairy farm. He meets Jane Henshaw among a field of several cows. She gives some detail on the cows. In the milking parlor, Rogers meets Anne Bauer, who milks the cows with a milking apparatus. Jane shows Rogers that the milk is kept cold in a stainless-steel refrigerator before it is cleaned and bottled. The dairy distributes a lot of dairy products in their trucks. Back at the television house, Rogers explains that after a cow has a calf, she has spare milk for people to drink. In the NOM, Ana Platypus and Elsie Jean are preparing a picnic basket. They are prepared to go to the beach when Dr. Bill returns from work. Ana tells Lady Aberlin of the NOM's plan to build a swimming pool. Lady Elaine alerts Lady Aberlin to the survey team from Paterson Pools. Lady Aberlin introduces herself to Ellen Paterson. X the Owl asks Ellen Paterson about the types of pay given for work. King Friday has a drawing of the proposed pool for Ellen Paterson to see. Her associate, Beaver O'Day, arrives, allowing them to survey the NOM and take initial measurements. The swimming pool, says Paterson, would cost 4,500 with two fountains, or 4,000 with one fountain. Lady Aberlin suggests that everyone in the NOM dig the hole for the swimming pool to bring the cost down. Back at the Platypus mound, Ana is disappointed because Dr. Bill is too busy at his office. She expresses her feelings with Lady Aberlin. When Lady Aberlin recommends that Ana help dig the hole for the pool, she accepts. Lady Aberlin returns to the Castle just as King Friday seals the deal with Ellen Paterson. If the NOM residents dig the hole, the swimming pool will cost 3,000. Back at the television house, Rogers puts two empty paper milk boxes together to make building blocks. These can work well when a fancy toy proves too expensive. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Did You Know That It's All Right To Wonder?, Good Feeling.