Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 28 Episode 8

You & I Together (3)

Aired Unknown Jul 29, 1998 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has two eye charts: one with letters, the other with pictures. He also shows a picture of his eye doctor. Rogers goes to the eye doctor for an eye examination. After a few preliminary tests, the doctor says he cannot see what a patient is thinking, not even with an ophthalmoscope. Rogers' vision is unchanged. In the NOM, Handyman Negri says his glasses have helped him catch balls and play all sorts of things. He throws a ball far, prompting him and Prince Tuesday to look for it. The gorilla has the ball, but he doesn't have a friend. Lady Aberlin comes from behind, trips, and falls into the gorilla's arms. Lady Elaine blares her siren, attracting Prince Tuesday and Handyman Negri. Lady Elaine assigns Tuesday to run Gorilla Headquarters. She dresses in pith helmet and net and sets off with Handyman Negri to confront the gorilla. When Tuesday sounds the alarm, he can't turn it off. Lady Aberlin turns off the alarm. She tells Tuesday the gorilla, which she calls Kevin Wendell Gorilla, is not at all what Lady Elaine thinks. Back at the television house, Rogers asks viewers about sad feelings. Mr. McFeely arrives with a videotape on how people make eyeglass lenses. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, It's You I Like, Speedy Delivery To You (second version), Good Feeling.
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