Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 28 Episode 9

You & I Together (4)

Aired Unknown Jul 30, 1998 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers unrolls a towel. Wrapped inside are four sticks and a small circle (hoop). He brings out a few other shapes. "The more different ones you have, the better for making things." Then he produces pictures, with words below them, of a spoon, a fork, and a sock. Mr. McFeely arrives with a video of Trey Glauser and his service dog, C.D. In the video, Trey gives commands to C.D. (not heard) for basic things. They go to the mall with Trey's mother. Trey goes to the computer store to buy a disk. C.D. gives the disk to the clerk. Trey and C.D. then go to visit Trey's brother Burke. Both brothers race remote-controlled cars. At the end of the day, Trey and his father brush C.D. After the screening, Mr. McFeely greets Rogers to Trey and C.D. Trey explains how he acquired C.D. as a service dog. He tells viewers what to do when they see a service dog or seeing-eye dog. Trey and C.D. are helping Mr. McFeely with his deliveries.
In the NOM, Lady Elaine has posted signs warning neighbors of the gorilla. She leaves the Castle just as King Friday XIII arrives. Mayor Maggie appears for her Royal meeting in the MP Room (missing persons). Dr. Bill Platypus (and not Dr. Frogg, as suggested by the closed-captions) alerts Kevin Wendell Gorilla to the Eiffel Tower. Handyman Negri catches Kevin in his net and carts him to the Museum-Go-Round. Dr. Bill tells Handyman Negri to remove the net. Kevin Wendell goes to stay with the Platypuses. At the Castle, Mayor Maggie tells Handyman Negri for the first time that Chuck Aber has been missing for the past two days. When Handyman Negri looks closely at the poster of the gorilla, he gets an idea.
Back at the television house, Rogers shows one more card with a picture of a shell and the word "shell" beneath it.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You" (the singing way), Good Feeling.