Mister T - Season 1

NBC (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • 12/10/83

    The famous movie maker, Walter McCallister, wants to make a film featuring the Turbo team and their incredible stunt car.

  • 12/3/83

    It looks as if the "Great Marco" meets his end when he falls from 50,000 feet while performing a death-defying stunt.

  • 11/26/83
    While en route to Las Vegas, the team discovers an illegal military operation. Meanwhile, Courtney is torn between leaving the team and going to military school.
  • 11/19/83
    Mr. T and his team have to investigate a new case at Lake Tahoe. They have to blow up an entire automobile smuggling ring, which plans to steal the valuable Silver Swan car. Robin tries everything to solve the mystery, but will that backfire?
  • 11/12/83

    Mr. T and his team uncover a pair of stock swindlers who have devised a plan to steal evidence from the O'Neill family that can potentially be used against them.

  • 11/5/83

    When Mr. T gets arrested for possession of a stolen artifact, his team learns that nothing in life is free.

  • The Ninja Mystery
    Episode 7

    A stunt man disguised as a Japanese ninja terrorizes New York until Mr. T discovers the robberies are a cover for film piracy.

  • 10/22/83
    The team learns not to take Miss Bisby for granted, particularly when she involves them in the mystery of the crown jewels.
  • 10/15/83

    The team is in Mississippi and plans to turn the Magnolia House into one of their gymnastics camps, but the evil Ghost Riders plan to eliminate the team. Can the team solve the mystery?

  • A very mysterious and very deadly virus has been stolen from the Salt Lake City Institute. It's up to Mr. T and his gymnastics team to locate the virus and to catch the crooks that stole it!
  • 10/1/83

    The teams spends some time in Seattle. Meanwhile, Mr. Nakamura is on a business trip with some other scientists. With a mind-controlling device, their minds are stolen to retrieve some secret information. The team as to become active and save the scientists.

  • 9/24/83
    When Sky Red Fern sends the team a phony invitation to a meet, she puts herself and her teammates in danger.
  • 9/17/83

    The gymnastics team welcomes a new member, while a mystery group of men is stealing golden medallions to search for something hidden in one of them. The gymnastics team takes off to investigate things in San Francisco.