Mister T

NBC (ended 1985)




  • Season 2 Episode 17: The Cape Kennedy Caper

  • The shuttle is shown being taken to the pad less than three hours before launch. However, it takes at least three days to prepare the shuttle once it is in position and it is usually there a month beforehand.

  • During training, an announcement reports that the shuttle will be launched in "T-minus 2 hours 30 minutes". A few moments later, the announcement gives the time as "T-minus 2 hours 59 minutes". Countdown timers don't go up.

  • Mr. T and the team are apparently practising their moonwalk in regular Earth gravity; a completely pointless exercise without a way to simulate the moon's weaker gravity.

  • Mr. T and the team are taking part in a "moonwalk test". However, NASA hasn't been sending manned missions to the moon since 1972, 13 years before this episode was made, therefore eliminating the need for moonwalk training.

  • The name of this episode is misleading. There hasn't been a Cape Kennedy since 1973, 12 years before this episode was made. It is now known as the Kennedy Space Center, located at Cape Canaveral.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: The Playtown Mystery

  • As Mr. T goes to rescue Spike from the train track, he is followed by Kim and Robin. When he reaches Spike, Kim has disappeared, then Robin disappears as Mr. T undoes the ropes. They then reappear for the jump into the water.

  • Marvin says that he tore his costume while pushing Spike. However he never had any contact with Spike; he'd pushed a maypole down the hill at him which then knocked him onto the train track. Spike even says in the next scene that the tear happened when Marvin pushed the pole.

  • While drilling in the cave, Dingy says that a blasting cap will wake up the whole park, but it was still daylight outside.

  • After saving the team on the rollercoaster, Mr. T climbs down to the ground where the team is waiting for him. However, there was not enough time for their car to reach the end of the track and for them to get back to where Mr. T was before he got down.

  • After saving the team on the cable car, Mr. T says "it's called teamwork", but he did everything himself.

  • At the end of the episode in the live-action segment, Mr. T asks a little girl which hand the coin is in. However, in the live-action segment at the start of the episode, he had a ball, not a coin.

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Mystery Of The Stranger

  • Robin says that Mr. T is afraid of flying, but not only has Mr. T never been shown to have any problems with aircraft, she seems to be confusing him with his The A-Team character, B.A. Baracus.

  • On the ship, the team tells Mr. T that there are "pirates off the starboard bow" (right front), but the pirate board amidship (middle), nowhere near the bow.

  • The pirates that board Mr. T's ship are not shown to have a ship of their own, making it appear as though they teleported aboard T's ship.

  • The team is supposed to be screen testing to be stunt doubles for the movie, but this would be impossible given that, in Hollywood at least, stunt people need special training and they have to be over the age of consent. There are no screen tests for stunt doubles anyway.

  • The man that talks to Spike appeared to be driving the van from the passenger seat, given that he leaned out of the window nearest the kerb.

  • In the long shot of the team in front of the helicopter, Kim appears to be almost as tall as Robin, but in the following close up, Kim seems to be al least a foot shorter, barely reaching Robin's shoulder height.

  • During the chase, Mr. T asks Miss Bisby how low the helicopter can go. If it's like every other helicopter in the world, it can go all the way to the ground.

  • Season 2 Episode 9: U.F.O. Mystery

  • As Mr. T leans down in front of the ambulance windscreen, the glass in the window appears to be behind him, giving the impression that he is hanging from the inside of the cab.

  • During the chase of the kidnappers in the hospital, Kim, Robin and Jeff all jump from the hospital roof and somehow manage to land in a corridor that has no windows or other openings to the outside.

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