Mister T

Season 2 Episode 9

U.F.O. Mystery

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 03, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • As Mr. T leans down in front of the ambulance windscreen, the glass in the window appears to be behind him, giving the impression that he is hanging from the inside of the cab.

    • During the chase of the kidnappers in the hospital, Kim, Robin and Jeff all jump from the hospital roof and somehow manage to land in a corridor that has no windows or other openings to the outside.

    • While being kidnapped from the hospital, Woody could have ended the whole situation by just rolling off the trolley he was being pushed around on. He didn't even think of this as his trolley was rolling through the city streets and over dangerous intersections.

    • Mr. T is able to throw Woody vertically upwards with one arm and, as shown in the opening titles, toss an alligator, but he is unable to open a door that has a moderately heavy piece of hospital equipment pushed up against it.

    • During the chase of the kidnappers in the hospital, the kidnappers go through a set of double doors. Despite these doors clearly opening outwards, Mr. T attempts to push through them instead of pulling.

    • As the team walks down a corridor to visit Woody in his hospital room, Spike suddenly disappears, only to reappear a few seconds later.

    • After being rescued from the cliff, Woody says that Professor Andrews has been kidnapped. However, he has no way of knowing this as when he went to the Professor's house, all he found was the hole in the barn roof.

    • From the barn, the team follows Woody's motorcycle tracks. However, they had no idea that he'd even been there, let alone that he'd rented a motorcycle beforehand.

    • As the team inspects the burn mark on the barn floor, Spike begins to walk to the right of shot and suddenly disappears with no warning, reason or explanation. A few seconds later, he reappears from another room.

    • The UFO flies right over Woody and behind him, but when he turns around, the UFO is still behind him.

    • If Woody's eyesight is so bad that he cannot read a large road sign, which from his point of view is only slightly blurred anyway, he shouldn't be able to ride a motorbike either.

    • The opening shot of the episode shows a barn house and windmil, both casting very obvious shadows, despite it being the middle of the night.

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