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Monday 9:00 PM on ABC (Returning June 18th, 2015)

Everyone's favorite trashy summer series will be back for a second season. That's right, Mistresses, the ABC soap starring Alyssa Milano, will be back next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently, the show was was the number-two scripted network drama of the summer behind Under the Dome, which just goes to show you how amazing of a season summer is for television. 

Mistresses left literally dozens of viewers hanging by a thread with a Season 1 finale that was bloated with awesome and full of insane, unresolved cliffhangers. Now we'll finally find out whether Milano's character Savi survived her terrible merge onto the freeway in her sweet ride, we'll see how her white husband reacts to her half-black baby (oopsie!), and we'll learn whether Yunjin Kim's character was shot by a crazy Penelope Ann Miller. What we will never know, however, is what possessed me to watch the Season 1 finale a few weeks ago even though I hadn't ever seen the show before. I blame my friends Tana and Jess. 

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