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almost paradise
Apr 19, 2016
ABC Sets Summer Dates for Bachelor in Paradise, Uncle Buck, and More
Your summer just got a whole lot busier... well, okay, probably not.
get some
Sep 25, 2015
ABC Renews Mistresses for a Fourth Season
The scandalous summer soap is coming back, but it's losing another actress.
mark your calendars!
Apr 09, 2015
ABC Sets Summer Premiere Dates for Mistresses, Rookie Blue, The Whispers, a New Battlebots Reboot, and More
Warm weather and plenty of trashy reality TV series are on the horizon, folks!
lather, rinse, repeat
Oct 01, 2014
ABC Renews Mistresses for a Third Season, But Alyssa Milano Is Leaving the Show (UPDATED)

Who ordered the soap? Because ABC is going to keep serving it up hot and fresh (mmmm, hot soap!) in the form of a third season of Mistresses, its sexy summer drama about four sexy ladies and their sexy adventures. According to TV Line, the network has renewed the series for 13 more episodes slated to air in the summer of 2015. 

The renewal comes a month after the show’s Season 2 finale, which ended with quite a few cliffhangers. However, Mistresses will have more than shocking storylines to address when it returns: the absence of series star Alyssa Milano, who's leaving the show due to a change in its production location. Milano announced her departure via her website:

After two wonderful seasons in Los Angeles, the studio has decided to shoot season three of Mistresses in Vancouver, Canada for financial reasons. It’s with a heavy heart ...

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the business end
May 06, 2014
News Briefs: Everyone on NCIS Will Be Back for Season 12
Plus: The Walking Dead borrows from The Wire (again), a new Star Wars trailer, and SpikeTV orders a drama about King Tut.
have a trashy summer
Mar 24, 2014
ABC Sets Summer Premiere Dates for Mistresses, Rookie Blue, The Bachelorette, The Quest, and More
This has to be one of the most ridiculous seasons of network television ever.
Ladies on parade
Sep 25, 2013
ABC Renews Mistresses for Season 2 OMG
Those crazy cliffhangers from the Season 1 finale will be resolved now that the campy summer series has earned a second round.
move along...
Jun 04, 2013
Mistresses Series Premiere Review: You Have Seen This Show Before (And Not Just Because It's an Adaptation)
ABC's new primetime soap isn't remotely good, nor is it especially bad. It's just exceptionally dull, and would be completely lifeless if not for a few decent performances.
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Savannah 'Savi' Davis
Karen Kim
April Malloy
Josslyn Carver
Harry Davis

Mistresses is based on the BBC One series of the same name. The show focuses on four women and their scandalous love lives. Yunjin Kim stars as a psychiatrist who was in the middle of an affair with one of her patients before he died.

Alyssa Milano plays Savannah "Savi" Davis, a lawyer whose husband Harry's a chef. They're trying to conceive but have been unable to which causes friction between them. She then has a moment of weakness with Dominic Taylor, another lawyer at her firm. Jes Macallan plays Josslyn "Joss" Carver, Savi's sister, a realtor who is very promiscous. Rochelle Ayers plays April, a woman who's husband passed away a few years ago and is trying to take care of her daughter and run her business.