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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 9/6/16
      Life-changing events occur in the Season 4 finale, which finds the couples of Joss and Harry and April and Marc as new parents several months into the future. But one of their lives is turned upside down when a man from their past returns.
    • Back to the Start
      Episode 12

      Kate discovers the truth about Joss and Scott and April receives fantastic news about Marc's career, but must work out how to break her other news to him. Meanwhile, Karen meets Adam's parents, but must still deal with Lydia.

    • Fight or Flight
      Episode 11

      April's attempts to win back Marc, Karen discovers what Lydia has been up to and Harry gets two business opportunities. Meanwhile, Joss's revenge leads to her revealing a truth to Harry.

    • Confrontations
      Episode 10

      Marc focusses on his band and April sees the truth about her mother. Meanwhile, Lydia decides to interfere in another relationship.

    • 8/15/16

      While April and Marc's house guest puts a strain on their relationship, Kate decides to move. Also, Karen discovers online dating and Joss finds it difficult to cope with stress.

    • 8/8/16

      Marjorie, April’s mom, spends the night, but doesn't let her obvious dislike for Marc stop her from trying to extend her stay. Meanwhile, Karen gets used to her new nanny, Harry struggles with his fame and Joss finally discovers Kate’s secret.

    • 8/2/16

      Joss causes Jonathan's nephew to be admitted to hospital and April realises that having "the talk" with Lucy is overdue. Meanwhile, Karen is shocked when Alec says he could argue for sole custody of Vivian and Kate doesn't mention her new boyfriend to Joss and Harry.

    • 7/11/16

      Karen gets a surprise visitor, Harry and Joss receive an invite to Las Vegas and Lucy becomes a source of tension between April and Marc.

    • Lean In
      Episode 5

      Karen's run ins with her agent and a shock jock lead her to be more assertive, bringing repercussions. Meanwhile, Joss and Harry find their new roles difficult to manage and April quits her job.

    • Blurred Lines
      Episode 4

      While Joss goes all out to land a new client, Kate focusses on her existing ones and one of April's gets too close. Meanwhile, Kate discovers her ex-fiancé is dating again and Mac receives a blast from the past.

    • Under Pressure
      Episode 3

      As Kate is busy trying to navigate the LA dating scene, Harry starts out on a new job and Marc helps April realize her passion. Meanwhile, Karen and Robert assess their boundaries and Joss considers how to deal with the last 12 months.

    • 6/6/16

      As Karen deals with being a "sexpert", Harry and Joss have a visitor. Meanwhile, Marc and April find artistic outlets and Joss finds it hard to get too excited about her engagement.

    • The New Girls
      Episode 1

      After having to testify in Wilson's murder trial, she and Harry move forward in their relationship. Meanwhile, Karen adjusts to motherhood and April has concerns about both Marc and Lucy.

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