Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2013 on ABC

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  • For the Sake of Scandal

    No one can say I didn't try. This came out of the gate too quickly, pushing scandal and people that meant absolutely nothing to the viewer. The storyline and many of the relationships progressed much too quickly for this being the first episode, which is to say that the pacing is completely off. The show feels sloppy; thrown together almost. The characters aren't compelling. The pilot is the chance to set the hook. However, I'm spitting it out and won't be back.
  • I'm amazed this show got picked up at all

    I'm going to start by saying that I haven't seen the original BBC version, so I won't be comparing the two. The premise for this show being about what happens to people in affairs from an emotional standpoint could have been good, but it just ends up boring. There aren't many dramas out there today that bother to deal with both the cheater/victim viewpoint, but the viewpoint of the person that they cheated with, as well. Savi (Alyssa Milano) ends up having an affair with her coworker after many failed attempts to conceive a child with her husband end badly. The coworker spends the whole episode hitting on her, so it's not hard to see where this was going, but Savi's choice to cheat on her husband seemed quite rushed. Savi's sister is written like a two-dimensional slut that loves to sleep with whomever if it involves her getting something she wants or needs, but doesn't want any emotional attachments whatsoever. She sleeps with her boss, who offers to buy her a house when he hears that her lease is up, and the idea that she might be indebted to her boss sends her running to live in her sister's pool house. Doesn't really make sense when she acted like she was sleeping with her boss just to get ahead at her job and reap any other awards coming her way. I can't even remember the other girls' names, that's how boring this show was. There's a psychiatrist that is dealing with the death of one of her patients (with whom she was having an affair) and trying to distance herself from his family, who are understandably leaning on her for emotional support. The man's son, in particular, keeps coming after her and makes it known that he wants to date her. He knows that his father had an affair that he'd hidden from his mother, but he doesn't know that it was with the psychiatrist he's trying to get with. Then there's a widow who feels guilty about being attracted to the father of one of her daughter's friends. Even though her husband's been dead for a few years she has convinced herself that her doesn't want her to move on. Her reasoning for this is a series of prank phone calls that she has been receiving, but that ends up being the former mistress of her husband trying to get in contact with her to tell her that they'd had a son together. And so it goes...

    I have no idea if the writing gets better, but it baffles me that this show made it to air based on this pilot. The actresses try their best (most of them) but there's not much life they can give their characters. I say that even if you have nothing better to do, find something else to watch during this show's time slot. Or just have it on in the background, because you won't need to pay much attention to it to know what happened and what's going to happen next.