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  • Good replacement!

    Jennifer Esposito is to replace A. Milano for defenate?

  • Did the name of Sam's store change?

    Was it Maison par le mer in season 1 but it became Maison sur Mer in season 2?
  • PLEASE be back for season 3

    This show is rather addictive and always knows how to end on a cliffhanger.
  • Getting better and better

    First season was actually so the second season started out so interesting and it's getting better each episode :) I am enjoying watching this now
  • it was ok

    I watched the first show so I could see alyssa milano again I hadn't seen anything she has done since charmed. but when I watched the show itself was ok but alyssa was very matronly in alot of the scenes it was hard to see someone who is the furthest thing from matronly be dressed and have her hair styled like a woman of 60
  • Fine by me

    I think that this show is the best guilty pleasure of the summer :) of course i am chilled for another season, and another and another and...
  • I LOVE the show mistresses

    team dom
  • i would like dis show continued

    i love this show. i would like to see savi come bac to raise her child i want karen to live
  • Disappointed by the US version

    The UK version is much, much.... better. How convenient: Savi under CPR so that the baby will not survive. I was so sure there will never be another mixed race child in this show. And Karen! She just found out that Elizabeth Grey was interned in a psychiatric unit, plus the woman wants her loss, so badly, but she let her enter in her home?!!! She is a shrink for heaven's sake!

    The cliffhanger is so frustrated, what the point? Everything is so weak in this show.

    The accident of Savi and Karen taken in hostage: all this is so predictable! I'm so disappointed. The UK version of Mistresses was so original and bold, I adore it so I was so thrilled to see an US version but they wanted to take their distances with the UK version and it's not good at all. They killed that show. I think we will never see another season. But if there is another season, please, improve! (I hope because I love Alyssa)

  • When does the show come back?

    That Finale blew my mind, I hope Savi is alright. I knew the wife was going to come after Karen, and she just kept digging herself deeper and deeper into that hole. I want to know what April will do about Paul and Lucy's relationship. And I look forward to Joss pulling her life out of the dang gutter. So there has to be another season, I look forward to the grand announcement for it. I hope we don't have to wait all the way to June 2014, that would be a freaking shame.
  • OMFG!

    OMG just saw the last episode!!! When does it come back??! I want the next season NOW!!
  • My favorite show out right now.

    Please don't ever cancel this show its the best. Totally addicted.
  • The show is scandalous but exciting.

    I enjoy this series and the cast are wonderful.
  • Guilty pleasure...

    It cheesy, but I enjoy it. HOWEVER, I have to say that Yujin Kim is not good in this role. She is wooden and awkard to watch in her scenes. Also, her character is poorly written, so that doesn't help her, I'm sure. She never says anything to anyone about the crazy things that her character is going through. What kind of therapist is this woman? You'd think she'd at least confide one of her best friends. It really brings the rest of the show down for me. The writers better punch her up and she better step up, cause she's sinking the boat....
  • Please never cancel this show its the BEST

    I love this show I love everything about it, it keeps me wanting more. I've never really been dedicated to any show but this one.
  • love it

    Love the
  • Just love it!!

    Love the show and the of course great to see Alyssa (Phoebe) back again...

    Did anybody noticed, that every episode has ended with Alyssa till now/??
  • Here's Mine!!

  • Love this show

    When I first heard the title to this show, my first thought was "what a stupid show", BUT I decided to give it a try and LOVE it!

    I hope this show makes it, it's interesting and enjoyable. Can't wait for future episode.

  • Love this show!!

    I really really love this show and enjoy the characters and can't wait to see what the futures episodes hold!!!
  • I liked it!

    I love Alyssa Milano! Ive been looking forward seeing her as a regular on TV. I really enjoyed the other cast member and i believe that even though the pilot wasnt insanely strong, it was good and it has potential. I hope they dont cancel this show!
  • Misstresses Missed

    I was so looking forward to this show..... I love shows like this... Dirty Sexy Money for example, a favorite.... I expected to like Mistresses, but then I started watching it.... gads.... I like the actresses, all of them... but the show was awful..... I turned it off at about the half hour mark and took it off my Tivo..... so I'll never be subjected to it again. I'm no prude, I've been a mistress myself..... but the show was just bad.
  • What a tragedy

    I was a huge fan of Mistresses BBC & this adaption falls flat in comparison. The cast doesn't gel the same and I really miss the snarky British humor. Big bummer for me.
  • Here we go

    It was good, now if they can hook people with cliffhangers like the Pilot one then no one would ever miss an episode.