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  • I really loved this series right from the moment it started; although at first I thought the storyline was close to Cashmere Mafia - but then it just just took on a whole new identity!

    I think it was that the storyline could revolve around people you could identify with - I mean OK 3 of the 4 were in yuppie type jobs - the lawyer, the doctor and the party girl but when you got to know them over the weeks, they weren't so yuppie after all! True - a lot of their problems they brought upon themselves - but don't we all do that? How many times have you looked back at something that turned out to be not so good and know that it's your own fault!

    The reality of love was an excellent storyline; you can't always help yourself when you fall in love or even in lust! And love is blind - it can stop you from seeing the truth in front of you! I mean look at the commitment phobe of Jessica - even she gets blinded by it in the end! And poor Trudi - wow if ever a bloke needed a baseball bat round the head her dispicable husband did!!! Thank heavens she had Richard!

    I hope the series comes back for a second run - I want to see how their relationships develop - whether Harry really will be able to accept a baby that isn't his own; whether Orla will come to her senses and try for the gorgeous Dominic and what is Katie going to do for 12 months? How does a doctor get through not being able to work as a doctor - who on earth would take her on after that?

    The actors were all incredible - they fitted the parts so perfectly - I am sad it was such a short series - it deserved to be so much more!