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Mists of Avalon

Season 1 Episode 1

Part 1

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2001 on TNT
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Episode Summary

Part 1
The battle between Christian and Pagan religion begins with the birth of foretold king - Arthur Pendragon.

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  • The mists...

    So, I once tried to read the book but never liked it nor finished it but I thought I will give try to the miniserie as so many people say it was very good and it has Julianna Margulies. So, I most say the first 90 minutes of two part miniserie were really promising. First it has so much thing happening and some really gorgeous scenery. The Avalon is very beautiful and mystical and I adore the costumes. The story itself has some very exciting turns and I have no idea what they come next. I like this story as there have been so many Arthur legends done for screen but this one has totally different kind of view.

    Many storylines, and they all have somehow connected.. very different people.. I like it.moreless
Tamsin Egerton

Tamsin Egerton

Young Morgaine

Guest Star

Mark Lewis Jones

Mark Lewis Jones


Guest Star

Clive Russell

Clive Russell


Guest Star

Michael Byrne

Michael Byrne


Recurring Role

Christopher Fulford

Christopher Fulford

King Lot

Recurring Role

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    • Gorlois: (to wife Igraine) Ambrosius has named Uther Pendragon his successor.
      Uther Pendragon: Don't envy me, Gorlois. The lady belongs to you. (walks off)
      Gorlois: You should take care to avoid gossip. No chaste woman is safe with Uther Pendragon.
      Igraine: People may gossip if they life. It doesn't concern me.
      Gorlois: It concerns me.
      Igraine: Are you questioning my honor?
      Gorlois: I'm questioning your judgment.
      Igraine: Well, if your judgment is no better than that, then your word will cease to concern me as well.
      Gorlois: How dare you play the shrew with me? I told you to avoid him. I'll teach you. (raises his hand to strike her)
      Igraine: Think before you strike me, Gorlois. Or I will teach you that a daughter of the Holy Isle is the servant of no man.

    • (Uther finds Igraine after she leaves the council)
      Uther Pendragon: Did I do something to disturb you, lady?
      Igraine: I felt unwell, sir.
      Uther Pendragon: You left the moment you saw the dragon on my wrist.
      Igraine: I have no fear of dragons. I am a child of the old world myself, sir.
      Uther Pendragon: Why do you call me "sir" in such a manner when you know that we're on familiar terms?
      Igraine: We've not met before.
      Uther Pendragon: Not in this life but, like all of us of the old ways, you must believe that this is not the only life where we could have met. There's something between ourselves already. You felt the power of it and that's why you left the hall. Am I right, lady? If I am, could you rightfully resist it?
      Igraine: I am the sworn wife of Gorlois and so I will remain.
      Uther Pendragon: So, you knew what I felt?
      Igraine: Sir.
      Uther Pendragon: Come away with me.
      Igraine: Please go back to the council.
      Uther Pendragon: There's nothing to do but give in to it. If you do not come with me, then I will come for you before the moon is full again.

    • Morgause: Son of a High King.
      No matter how many sons he has... this child will always be his firstborn. With this secret, we have a weapon in our hands. Think of it, husband. His flesh, his blood, his heir. But my instruction, my influence. I'll teach him to have little need of Morgaine and great need of me. And as the years pass... Britain will become more and more our own.

    • Morgaine: What has my mother given up for your Avalon? My father died at Uther's hands because of you. My poor, innocent brother, Arthur... who was a baby on my lap, and loved me as no other. And I loved him. Look what you've done to us. You've twisted our love and turned it into shame, all for the sake of Avalon!

    • Morgaine: I am carrying a bastard child fathered by my own brother!
      Viviane: You are carrying Arthur's successor. Would you have Morgause murder it in the womb in order to have her son step into Arthur's shoes?

    • Viviane: You and Arthur are the last remaining links between this land and the world of mists. Those links are becoming weaker with every year. I must do everything in my power to keep them alive.
      Morgaine: Even if it means sacrificing everyone you've ever loved?
      Viviane: Even if it means sacrificing my very soul. That is what being the Lady of the Lake truly demands.

    • Lancelot: My thoughts don't answer to the Bishop. If they did, I would burn in hell a thousand years... every time I see you walk past.
      Guinevere: Hell is very real to me.

    • Morgaine: Tell me her name.
      Arthur: I don't know.
      Morgaine: You didn't ask?
      Arthur: We didn't speak.
      Morgaine: Will you see her again?
      Arthur: I want to, sister. But I don't know where she is.
      Morgaine: At least tell me what she looks like.
      Arthur: I don't know that either.
      Morgaine: How can you not know that?
      Arthur: She was wearing a mask. It was at the rites of Beltane. I was consecrated there. We made love. It was everything I've ever dreamt of. I tell you, sister... something about that girl's eyes will be watching me forever.

    • Igraine: I've buried two husbands. I won't love again. And now Uther has gone. I need forgiveness for what I did to your father... and I'll only find that in Glastonbury.

    • Arthur: I call on the powers of heaven and earth. Aid me now! I call on the God of heaven and the Goddess of the earth! Help me now!
      Viviane: You called on God and the Goddess. It is the Goddess who answers. Listen, Arthur. You are ready to be High King. And this will be granted to you, if you have the support of Avalon. Avalon will lift you up... if you promise to obey the old ways and keep the Goddess alive in men's hearts. Swear it!
      Arthur: I swear!
      Viviane: Then look to the altar. It is Excalibur, the great sword of Avalon. You are blessed by the Goddess. You have the strength to draw it. Take it, Arthur! Take it and rule.

    • Viviane: The Goddess holds all things in balance: good and evil, death and rebirth. The predator and the prey. Without her, destruction and chaos will prevail.

    • Merlin: We all make sacrifices. What we want and what's right are sometimes different things.

    • Arthur: Can there be a God and a Goddess at the same time?
      Morgaine: Of course. It's just like having a father and a mother.

    • Uther: Why do you call me sir in such a manner when you know that we are on familiar terms?
      Igraine: We have not met before.
      Uther: Not in this life, but like all of us of the old ways you must believe this is not the only life where we could have met.

    • Morgaine: No one knows the real story of the great King Arthur of Camelot. Most of what you think you know about Camelot... Guinevere and Lancelot... and the evil sorceress known as Morgaine Le Fey... is nothing but lies. I should know, for I am Morgaine Le Fey, priestess of the Isle of Avalon, where the ancient religion of the Mother Goddess was born.

    • Igraine: Think, before you strike me, Gorlois. Or I will teach you that a daughter of the holy isle is a servant of no man.

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