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  • Season 1
    • Episode 13
      Episode 13
    • I Can't Reach You
      Episode 12
      Hmm? Youngest? Whatcha doing? Oh, you're changing the light? You can't reach it,, you can ride on my shoulders. Upsy-daisy... What? What's wrong? You wanna get down? But you didn't change the light! Huh?! Youngest hates me now! What happened? Did I do something weird? No...I just lifted her up like normal... Maybe she thinks I'm a freak like everyone else in this class and she shouldn't hang out with me. No...I'm not like them!moreless
    • 9/12/10
      I can't focus...probably because I skipped breakfast... Stupid Futaba, she says grabbing my stomach's like grabbing an I-cup! Hmm...? Th-The "Vibe-Shape Belt," it makes you skinny just by wearing it! What a wonderful device....It's so expensive, but I want it so bad! Huh? Hey, it's Sugisaki's cell phone... H-Holy cow! If I put this on my stomach... abs...they're getting tighter...What an amazing discovery! Mitsu: I'll use dad's phone when I get home.moreless
    • 8/29/10
      KHACKACKACK! COUGH! KUGH! It's Christmas Eve... What a time to be sick...KHACKACKACK! Futaba is expecing Santa Claus (me) to come tonight...! But I can't...give Futaba her present...when I'm so sick...! What do I do...? I know...I got something nice for you, Hitoha... That...that bag... ...There's a Santa suit inside. It's all...up to you...moreless
    • RUNNER
      Episode 8
    • 8/13/10
      The Serious Squad Gachi Rangers come to town!
    • Hats and Underwear go on your Head!?
      Tomorrow's the athletic meet, and I came to the schoolyard in the middle of the night! Huh? Dad? How long have you been here? Did you follow me? What? I'm not supposed to go out alone in the middle of the night? Sorry. It's just tomorrow's the athletic meet and I can't sit around doing nothing! I wanted to prep for tomorrow! Will you help me, Daddy? OK, then we'll start with the entrance, and then the obstacle course! And then the tug-of-war and cavalry battle and the relay! I'll take first place! *incoherent mumbling*moreless
    • Bra! Bra! Pig!
      Bra! Bra! Pig!
      Episode 5
      I'll need to buy a bra soon, too. I-It's not 'cause they told me to! I was really thinking of buying one. But I tried to sneak off and buy it, and this retarded old hag clings along! Huh?! They don't sell boobs! Geez, I'm just buying it and going home. Umm, is there anything cute and cheap... Huh? My size? Uh, maybe this big? N-No? Size depends on the size of your chest? Screw it all!!moreless
    • Boobies, White Panties and Me
      Sensei. You're underestimating Futaba's breast obsession. It's totally abnormal. You can't underestimate it... Normally she just goofs around all the time but breasts are the one thing that she gets deadly serious about. She's a breast artisan, tirelessly seeking to create the perfect representation of her ideal. Sometimes she gets so hard on herself she'll roam around aimlessly. Her refined breast creations are masterpieces, beautiful...And sexy! Look! Look at the dedication on her face!moreless
    • So Many Sinners
      So Many Sinners
      Episode 3
      Time to gradate to more adult books, I suppose...huh? The youngest one's book...HOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLY COW! I have to see more! Please, please! Let me see! N-No? I'm begging you! Even just a tiny little peek! Crap! She won't even let me near it...I'm just gonna have to take it by force! Oh, hey heard that? Hmm? That's illegal? I shouldn't do it! It's not fair! Forget you, I'm not listening to some goody-goody who's not into girls at all! XXXmoreless
    • These Three Girls Are Unstoppable!
      HWAACHOO! Oh, it sure is wa...wa...warm today. Huh? What's my "character", Micchan? Eew, my nose won't stop running... I'm gonna drown in my own snot... Oh no, I'm out of tissues! They've abandonned me! My fate is sealed... Haa...HWACHOO! Agh! Now I'm glued to Yabecchi with my super-sticky snot! I gotta do something!moreless
    • The Marui Sisters! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
      Hello! I'm the new teacher, Yabe Satoshi! Today we're playing "Fruit Basket Turnover" to celebrate my becoming the teacher for class 6-3. I've prepared myself for all the situations I expected to encounter in an elementary school, but this particular class is home to three problem children. The Marui sisters, Mitsuba-chan, Futaba-chan and Hitoha-chan. I wanted our Fruit Basket Turnover game to be fun, but it ended up being horrible beyond imagination. How the heck am I supposed to survive this...?moreless
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