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Mixed Signals

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"Mixed Signals" is a new comedy series on FOX Network about three longtime friends who attempt to find the balance between their relationships while still experiencing the freedom that comes along with being single. Ethan )Kris Marshall) is the single guy of the group. He never wants to get married because he is too busy having month-long flings. Ethan is beginning to realize that even though his charm has worked largely for his success with women in the past, as he gets older, so do the women surrounding him, and he finds that they're not as interested in flings as before. Then there is Adam (Nelson Franklin)-boyfriend to Callie (Alexandra Breckenridge), who is starting experience the negative aspects of moving in with Callie, like the fact that the term "me time" has completely vanished, and instead been replaced with "us time" since the move. Between the two extremes is Mike (David Denman), married lawyer with wife Lisa (Liza Lapira) and father to a baby son. Although things seem to be fine in his relationship, he's still trying to get the hang of the whole relationship idea and tries to fit in some "me time" at the most inconvenient times.moreless


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Adult, Romantic Comedy