MLB World Series

Wednesday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 30, 1947 In Season





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  • Watching this is like listening to the go to sleep song.

    This bores me into sleep.
  • The Fall Classic

    Baseball is my favorite sport and the World Series is the capstone on the pyramid of each season. My first World Series was the 1972 Oakland-Cincinnati seven game thriller.
    I think what makes baseball unique in today's sports culture is that it is a sport that requires something of you. I believe you have to bring something to the table when you sit down to watch a baseball game, rather than just sitting back and being entertained. I find the sport easiest to watch. Like golf, there is no clock.
    Baseball allows you to watch a game with a friend and be able to carry on a conversation between pitches. It is a simple game that hearkens back to a simpler time. Many sports have made dozens of rule changes over the years, and they have been progressive rules that have resulted in a better game (the 3-point shot in basketball, the 2-point conversion in football, the drastic overhaul of hockey after the year long 2004 lockout), but baseball still has nine innings, three outs per inning, three strikes per out, nine players per side and 90 feet between bases.
    Yes there have things like the DH, but fundamentally the game remains unchanged. It's outdoors and it's played on real grass. For me, there's nothing quite like the opportunity to attend a Major League Baseball game, which, living in Western Canada, is not often. PLAY BALL!
  • Who hates Baseball?

    The MLB World Series is a fantastic annual Championship game between the Two Titans of Major League Baseball. One from the American Conference, One from the National. Both the best of thier League. Both looking for the Crown of #1.

    Baseball has been around for longer than i can count or remember going all the way back and past the ealy 1900's and continuing to this day. The World Series, allthough an exclusively American Game, is watch around the world hence the name. Fans from Argentina, Spain and Canada sit down to watch thier favorite team fight for the right to be one of the two if not the #1 team.
  • I like baseball.

    I used to hate baseball. I used to hate football. I used to hate basketball. I used to hate all sports. But let me tell you a little story.

    Back a while ago in the 2005-2006 NBA Finals, my dad introduced me to it, as my now-a-day's favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks had made it to the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat in which they later lost in the series, 4-2. After that, I still wasn't interested in basketball much, until something hit me all of a sudden and I started watching it and loving it.

    Football came along too, as my first NFL game I watched almost the whole thing of was the Chicago Bears coming from behind, 20-0, to beat the Arizona Cardinals, 25-23. I loved football after then, too.

    Now just this last April or May, I got into baseball. I ahve no idea why, but I am now a big Texas Rangers fan. (I love all Dallas sports, don't you see?)

    Now, this is bigger than baseball! It is the baseball, CHAMPIONSHIPS! This is awesome, and this will be my first World Series to watch, when the Red Sox battle the Rockies.
  • A great sports show on TV.

    This is the best sports program on TV of all time in my humble opinion . . . It gets better every year with the additions first of playoffs themselves and now the wild card element. I hope they would add another couple wild card teams. For people that don't agree look back to when there were no play offs at all and only the team with the best record from each league would make it to world series. You often times would have teams winning over 100 games and not being able to compete for the World Championship. I can't wait for the games to begin this year.