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    Hello everyone,

    I have decided to put up a quick little thread on the MLS Primetime Thursday guide here. I just wanted to put a couple notices here incase anyone was looking for some explanations as to what should go on the guide.

    First off, MLS Primetime Thursday is the game of the week for the MLS. It is also the only national televised game the MLS has. Each Thursday 1 MLS Game will be shown on ESPN2. The times will vary according to the time zone in which it is played. On the guide each game is an episode and each MLS season is a season.

    Now onto submissions. A summary should include the teams playing, where it is being layed, and a brief preview for the game can be added, although it is not mandatory. The recap should follow the format I have for most of the episdoes already. Take a look at some of the episodes. Any questions can be pm'd to me or posted right here.

    Cast should include only anouncers, and studio hosts, analysts, guests, interveiwers and interviewees. No players should be listed in the cast unless they are interviewed.

    Info that can be put in the notes section include game start time, and other info people might not know that do not belong in the recap or summary.

    Quotes, Allusions, and Trivia are exactly what they are for every other guide. Info for that can be seen in the right column of the page where you can submit quotes, allusions, and trivia.

    I know how brief this info was, so if there are any more questions please feel free to post them here in this thread.



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