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  • I was obsessed with this show for a good part of my childhood.

    I was hooked on this show from day one. I was even an honoray member. I collected their trading cards. I was so bummed out when we went to Disney World I couldn't go to a taping cause I was too young, yet I'm older than Britney. The first "class" of MMC produced the musical group "The Party" who I also was obsessed with. The mini series starred pre-90210 Jason Priestly (Teen Angel) and Shannon Doherty (The Secret of Lost Creek) before they started using the MMC cast like in "Emerald Cove". Then came the group "MMC" starring Tony Lucca and JC Chavez. I stood in line at Target or Sears to add to my collection of their autographs. I can't wait for this to come out on DVD. I could still recite some of the skits.
  • The Mickey Mouse Club ran for 5 years and spawned some of the biggest stars in music/television/entertainment today.

    The Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) ran for over 300 episodes in it's 5+ year run on The Disney Channel. The show spawned mega stars like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Keri Russel & JC Chasez, as well as some of less mentioned stars like En Vogue's Rhona Bennett & Singer/Songwriter/Actor/Producer Zachary Jaydon.

    The series aired Monday - Friday, 5:30/4:30 CST during Seasons 1-5. It aired Monday - Thursday, 5:30/4:30 CST Season 6. In its final season it aired Thursdays only at 7:30/6:30 CST. The show premiered Monday, April 24, 1989, ended production in 1994, and ran reruns until Thursday, May 31, 1996. The series was also syndicated to local television stations throughout the United States and Canada. Seasons 3, 5 and 7 had the most episodes. Seasons 4 and 6 were shorter, having about 35 episodes each.
  • My strong opinion.

    What makes me sad is that on my 13th birthday I watch the last airing of MMC. Of course I cried, I was 13. It was one sad birthday to know that your favorite show no more on that day. Bring it back. We have Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, H.S. Musical. What makes those any different then what we had? I tell you it was style, class, variety, and always caught my attention. I watch Disney with my kids. It's not the same. It had morals back then. Shows now teach our kids to mouth back at us and be rude. I never got taught that then. So bring back the MMC and the old days of Disney. It's how things should be.
  • The best of the 3 mouse clubs.

    This 3rd incarnation was like Saturday Night Live for teens, except for the serials & Hall of Fame day guests.

    1955 standouts had Annette Funicello & Bobby Burgess while the 1977 standouts had Pop Attmore & Lisa Whelchel. But there are three that made this version worthwhile.

    Mowava Pryor: The first woman Mouseketeer ever. She & adult host Fred Newman, made a great team before leaving in 1991.

    Chase Hampton; His signature was his hair style!

    Tony Lucca; The only mouseketeer that was allowed to play a live musical instrument (believe it or not) on the show. He played the guitar a couple of times, starting with "More Than Words".
  • "The All-New Mickey Mouse Club" is one of the first shows of its kind.

    This '90s version of the classic '50s variety show features a new batch of Mousekeeters as they were ready to take Disney by storm. The show was responsible for helping launch the careers of some of today's brightest young stars, like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera, just to name a few. The show was canceled back in 1994. But a lot of people believed that "MMC" is one of Disney Channel's very first successful shows. To this day, "The All-New Mickey Mouse Club" will always be remembered as the first show to showcase young talent.
  • I love this show, they should bring it back!!!

    I love this show much I wish they'd put the re-runs on disney channel again This show was great because that's where most of the singers and actors got their starts was on MMC. They should also put on a new one because their are kids out there who are just as talented
  • awesome

    I remember when I was younger, coming home from elementary and middle school and watch this show. It would come on right after Kids Inc. and seeing all the awesome stars of the show like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake. I only hope that the other stars of the show find some fame for themselves in the not so distant future because everyone on the show has awesome potential to go far.