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I never felt motivated enough to write any reviews here on TV.com. I came close on several occasion but always chicken out. I probably have to really squeeze my brain juice if I had to write a full review. This small article took more than an hour for me to put it up.

However, Mob City episode 3 and 4 are one of the best two hours of television this week, I finally had to do it! I am 90% sure Tim or anyone at TV.com is probably NOT going to write a review!

So finally my maiden SHORT review. Let's just called it a discussion. Do not expect much as writing is not even a hobby of mine.

I am certainly not going to do a recap. Its two episodes and lots of stories to cover. I am not going to put photos too. Looks too complicated. Okay I lie, I will try to put up a few photos. So far I am ranking it number 3 on my weekly list of favorite TV episodes (Have not watched scandal and Nikita yet).

IMHO, this week is way much better than the last two episodes. Shame on those who stopped watching after last week. For those who did watch, would you agree with me that you really enjoyed it? (Read on your own risk. This discussion contains spoilers !)

Mob City episode 3 and 4 had a very different feel from the last two. Lesser of the Film Noir homage nonsense and no voice over at all ! More exciting mob stories and very entertaining gun fights scenes. Could it be because Frank Darabont directed the first two but not these two episodes. The wonderful stellar cast finally had scenes to really pulled their weight in these two episodes.


Episode 3 started off by explaining to us what happened with last week blackmailing and Jasmine's involvement. It showed us how badass Bugsy Siegel is. Watching Bugsy beat up his own men, do a mob hit himself and trying to sell his Las Vegas plans was really fun ! Edward Burns does a fantastic job.

Neal McDonough was just as wonderful as ambitious police captain William Parker. He decided to go against his own boss wishes and make it his team mission to capture Bugsy. He did it rather hastily and might pay the consequences of doing so.

One of the other highlights of this episode was watching Robert Knepper's Sid Rothman acting opposite Jon Bethral's Joe Teague in the police interrogation room.

Finally the BEST and last scene of episode 3! I am calling in the Carousel gun fighting scene. It lasted a whole ten minutes and worth watching every second of it.
It involves the three stooges (Bugsy men) trying to take out a key witness and Detective Joe Teague coming to the rescue.
Here are some photos.

Episode 3 is the BEST so far in this series! I really liked it a lot!


Episode 4 is not as good as 3 but it does move the stories along and set things up nicely for next week finale. It got me excited and looking forward to them.

Episode 4 started with William Parker waiting at the airport to meet and arrest Bugsy.

Bugsy : "What you what to do, put me in the electric chair"
William Parker: "This is California, here is the gas chambers"

The fun with this two will continue later in this episode in a jail cell scene.

After Bugsy goes to jail, the mob rival gang decided to hit his operation while he is in jail. Those were the fun (and violent) scenes for this episode. The best was from Milo Ventimiglia as Ned Stax talking his way out of trouble when the gang hit one of the upper classy joints (full of dentist gamblers).

I did not like Mickey Cohen (Jeremy Luke) last scene at the Banana factory. Probably that is how the title of this episode came about. I mean I could think of 100 more interesting ways to torture a man than to jack a banana up his ass ! Not to mention your hands might get somewhat dirty.

The two guys from Parker's mob squad trying to plant a listening device into Mickey Cohen office was quite fun to watch too. It was definitely much more difficult those days to wire tap someone.

As I mentioned before, this series has a really good cast so to stand out from all these fantastic actors are not easy so I must give mention to Robert Knepper. The guy is really a master of playing psycho !

Even watching him play the violin is poetic ! I loved it so much I have to put the photo up.

Mob City could be developed into a series about 2 leading man if it ever gets to season 2. It could be about a street smart cop who use his gun fighting skills and a lawyer who use his brains and charm. While Jon Bethral show off his skills in episode 3, we see Milo here showing off his charm in this episode.

The final scene of this episode were Sid Rothman in Joe Teague house probably to try to get Joe to lead him to the one and only witness. Not as exciting last scene as episode 3 but that set up nicely for next week's finale.

That's all folks ! I do hope more people will watch episode 3 and 4 after reading this small review.
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