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Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement towards my review last week. Thanks for all the help this week. I must say the positive atmosphere at TV.com really helps to motivate me to do this review (a difficult task for me).

As doing this took up quite a lot of my time and effort (4 hours), I have learn to appreciate weekly reviews more especially those written by fellow amateur members.

I am doing a review and not a recap so I would not be going through all the stories.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers and some violent pictures that might cause discomfort.

Okay, lets get started !

Mob city belongs to the mobster film noir genre but season 1 is basically a love story. It is a story about a war hero turned cop (or psycho killer) and his love for one woman. It is about his need to protect her. Now we all know the famous Bugsy Siegel (according to the show) was not killed because of he was spending millions belonging to other mobsters or because he made too many enemies. He was killed because he threaten to kill the wrong woman.

Episode 5

Episode 5 started off by explaining to us why our protagonist split with his wife. He had almost killed his wife in his dreams because of serious PTSD ( I guess there was no counselling in those days). He still love her but that was probably a big part of why he left. He wanted to protect her. This theme runs through the entire season.

Last week Sid had kidnapped Joe and was interrogating him to find out where the witness was (yes the same one they tried to killed on the Carousel). In the end, it proves quite unnecessary as the mole in the police department (we still do not know who it is) did his job and informed Sid right hand man scary Terry Mandel (pictured above wearing the cop uniform played brilliantly by Richard Brake).

This brought us to the second best shoot-out scene in the series (I still love the carousel scene in episode 3 more). I would only describe parts of this scene. If you want to know more, go watch it.

Terry had brought a partner with him to do the dirty deed.

First we saw Terry's partner in crime take out Fat Jack (they called him that in the show).

Then we saw the cop that looks like an accountant (Tug Purcell played by Dana Gould) shooting back at Terry.

In the end, a cop, a gangster and the snitch were all dead. Tug survived and even got promoted later as the chief of Internal Affairs (The first in LA). Terry was shot in the leg and got away.

Later he turns on at the train station beside Sid with his leg wounded which was another nicely done scene.

Since the snitch was dead, Sid then released Joe. Joe then got rewarded with a one night stand with his ex-wife for all his efforts (Yes the same one he nearly killed in his dream).

Was she doing it because she wanted to steal the locker key back or was she doing it because she still has some love for him. I guess it is a bit of both. I thought it was very strange of him to reveal to her the cops have bug Mickey's office.At the time when it happens, I thought he was just still crazy in love with her but I guess it was necessary for the story as she needed this knowledge to save herself later.
So with the witness dead, Bugsy was released and it seems it was a victory for him and William Parker lost. Parker courageously took the rap himself and I thought he was going to get fired. However he got lucky as the mayor see Parker as the man to help him clean up the city. In any job, you really need your boss or his boss to like you.

The excitement really picks up next as our favorite creepy pest Shermer (again played brilliantly by Iddo Goldberg turned up for breakfast at Jasmine's (Joe ex-wife) house and brought along Jasmine next door neighbor (the little girl in the picture below). He threatened to kill the little girl if Jasmine do not give him the key to the locker who hold all those incriminating pictures and helped him blackmail Bugsy.

This part showed how strong and clever Jasmine is. She managed to make a play that uses Mickey and Sid's crew to remove this pest (She called him that in the show). She then uses her knowledge of the bug in Mickey's office to try to reach out to Joe.

This episode ends what would be a nice cliffhanger when Jasmine went to retrieve the pictures and found it was all gone. Guess who has got it? (pretty obvious).

Shermer was furious when he found out there were no pictures and though Sid was there with all his man, Shermer actually had a grenade. I cannot quite believe he has got a grenade.


Our hero then turned up and saves the day but the way he did it was actually quite funny. Maybe my time in the army I was trained to handle grenade much more carefully, I cannot believe what I saw.

I laughed even louder when I saw Joe throw the "safe" grenade towards his cop friend who turned up to help him. He really did it like he was just throwing a baseball.

Joe then decided to protect Jasmine by sending her off to San Francisco. At the train station, he finally admitted to killing Hickey and he did it to protect her. Instead of thanking him, she exited by giving him a lot of slaps !

In order to protect her further, Joe then wanted to seal a deal with Bugsy and crew. Instead of turning over the pictures to his bosses, he would give Bugsy the pictures in exchange for them not hunting down and killing Jasmine. He must have removed them from the locker before Jasmine stole his key.
Next enters Ned Stax (played awesomely by Milo Ventimiglia) to broker the meeting.

Before they could met, old friends Meyer Lansky arrives to tell Siegel that the people back east have decided to stop funding Siegel's Las vegas project.

These old friends were played by some very awesome guest stars. Meyer was played by the very good Patrick Fischle (which I enjoyed watching on Mad Man and Southland). His sidekick was played by our favorite supporting character from Sons of Anarchy (Yes the I use my hand to jerk off so much I cut if off guy). I could not imagine him playing someone else after Son of Anarchy.

This meeting put Siegel in a very bad mood. Though Ned Stax tries to warn Joe against it, Joe still approaches Siegel about the pictures, and Siegel loses his mind. He beats the crap out of Joe, steals the pictures, and promises to kill Jasmine.

So Joe being Joe (cop or psycho) , he does not know how else to solve any problem except murder so he drives to Siegel's house, loaded his shotgun, and SHOOTS SIEGEL like 1000 times.

He even shoots his eye out! His eye! He then indulges in a post-murder cigarette and drives right back to the house when the rest of the police arrive as if nothing happened.

So last week, I was wrong. I knew Bugsy Siegel died in 1947 but I forgotten the show was set in 1947 and the real Bugsy Siegel in real life was actually killed like this, eye popping out and in a Beverley Hills Mansion, by a shooter who was never found even till today so I guess that allows the writers to incorporate a bit of real history into the show.

One last thing I have to mentioned before I finished the review. Throughout the whole season, the one cop in this MOB squad led by William Parker that actually does any real detective work was Eddy Sanderson (played nicely by Andrew Rothenberg). I am calling him the Sherlock of Mob City and he has a heart. He is the one that came out with the bug in Mickey office idea. After he heard Jasmine's conversation, instead of telling his boss, he actually told Joe. How did he know Jasmine is Joe's ex-wife? By the way Joe brought her coffee down at the police station. Is he observant or what?

I hope they would give him more screen time if the shows makes it to season 2.

The show had a better than average debut season. The finale has some closure and yet set up nicely for season 2.

Here are some plot points I can think of for season 2. Feel free to add more.

1) William Parker taking down the Chief of police (allegedly corrupted) with the help of the cop who looks like the accountant

2) William Parker and his mob squad trying to take down Mickey Cohen (with Sid and Ned helping him)

3) More of Robert Knepper as Sid Rothman playing the violin, eating his food, beating and shooting his enemies and whatever shit he does. It so wonderful to watch Knepper being the psycho Rothman I might even watch him take a dump.

4) More of Joe doing stupid things and murdering anyone who tries to threaten his precious Jasmine (Honestly though as good as Alexa Davalos played Jasmine, I rather not see her again). I rather the show move Joe character on with something else more interesting.

5) More of Milo Ventimiglia playing Ned Stax and perhaps give us more back story about him. We know very little about him except he is a war buddy of Joe and Joe saved his life a few times. ( I think three, he said he counted). It would be fun to watch him pay Joe back 3 times too).

So thanks for reading and I am looking forward to season 2.

For those interested, An interview with Edward Burns (Bugsy Siegel)
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