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As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be watching a gangster series on TNT. And as far back as I can remember is apparently January of 2012, because that's how long ago TNT's gangster epic L.A. Noir was first announced. To put it another way, that's two The Walking Dead showrunners and two titles for this series ago. After being kicked off the AMC zombie smash, Frank Darabont set up L.A. Noir at TNT some 20 months ago, and the network officially ordered the series last fall. Now we're finally getting a look at it with a new trailer for the drama, which was renamed Lost Angels in January of this year and then renamed Mob City today.  

Have a look, it has a bunch of guns and shadowy shots of people puffing on smokes because it's NOIR and don't you forget it:

Yes, that's our pal Shane from The Walking Dead (Jon Bernthal) front and center, as a guy who sees a lot of gray in 1947 Los Angeles. He plays a cop caught between the police and the mobs that really run the town. Also starring are Robert Knepper (CultHeroes, Prison Break's T-Bag), Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Jeffrey DeMunn (The Walking Dead), and Neal McDonough (Justified). 

Although the trailer looks totally okay, I have one concern: Darabont is known for his, let's say, deliberate pacing. And noirs are typically slow-movers. Does that mean Mob City will feel like watching a regular show at 1/4 speed? 

Okay, two concerns. Is this really a good fit for TNT, the home of Franklin & Bash

Mob City premieres Wednesday, December 4 on TNT.

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