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  • Hecky Nash & Crime Story We Hardly Knew Ya

    A period crime piece Mob City focuses on the . gangster scene post World War II. If one was to compare it to past TV series one might say it was a west coast,mostly fictional, new take on The Untochables. In reality it seemed to use the 80's Michael Mann produced "Crime Story" series as a rough template. So, with two excellent past TV series jumping off points what went wrong?

    First, the 40's are Kodachrome to the sixties Technicolor. Though this series depicted excellent period ambience it's a period many simply find less interesting to begin with. Actually not this viewer as I loved the locales, the wardrobes, the cars, and the ambience. It was well crafted in appearance. Then there's the cast, Mod City's cast was solid, even surprising in a good way with Simon Peg as small time comedian Hecky Nash. Ed Burns, rarely if ever seen on TV, was a real feather in the producer's cap as Benny "Bugsy" Siegel. The best, however, was the casting of Robert Knepper as Sid Rothman a muscle man for Siegel and Mickey Cohen. Knepper is truly perfect for the role and steals most of his scenes effortlessly. Perhaps, if there's a problem,, the casting of central protagonist police detective Joe Teague might have been somewhat of a letdown. Not that Jon Bernthal isn't good as Joe Teague, but compared to Crime Story's utterly fantastic introduction of Dennis Farina as detectective Mike Torello, Bernthal just can't invest the audience likewise. Perhaps, it's meant to be, but one really can't love his character in the way a central figure can carry a show.

    All the above said, Mob City is still a show this viewer liked enough to watch with hopes it was going to find it's footing. Surely the . mob in the forties and fifties could provide ample fodder. With only 6 episodes being aired before the axe fell it has lost some of the heady steam of the first two installments. Even so, the show held great promise it would get it's grove back and it is with regret we'll never have that pleasure. Definitely worth revisiting the six episodes out there with the hopes that the ones already in the can but not televised will surface.
  • Snap..

    I was waiting for a show like this for a while and it lasted about as long as a regular season of Sherlock, collar me disappointed. And not for any other reason than me wanting more and wanting it now. Someone give this show a second season to prove itself in the eyes of the public, it certainly proved itself in mine.
  • The Other Gangster Squad

    Love'd it. Just that. Great show. Great actors. Despite the slow start that everyones been talking about (I didn't really feel it was that slow, it's a great great show, cool noir story. It's a tv show, they're supposed to be a little exagerated, in the way they look in they way they talk and in everything else.
  • amazing

    initially slow all of a sudden u realize that this is an awesome show . totally loving it
  • Glad to finally have a mafia show...

  • Disappointing

    The dialog sounds like a 40's crime movie - fast talking and snappy line. Unfortunately nobody in real life talks that way. The cars are beautiful - too beautiful. They all look like they rolled straight off the showroom or some collector's garage. No sign of wear and tear. Except for the 2 or 3 short violent scenes, the first 2 episodes dragged. The actor playing Siegel sounds like someone doing an exaggerated impression of a mobster. I hope they pick up the action in the rest of the series.
  • Excellent Jazz in the background but show runs slow

    Well, a nice show, runs a bit slow, got excellent jazz in the background all the time.

    Some surprising incidents keeps you attached.

    Lots of bla bla but that what it was like between the 20s and 40s.

    If you like tommy guns, hoists, shooting and those classic cars ... you will favour it !

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