Mob Wives: New Blood

Thursday 10:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Apr 17, 2011 In Season


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  • Love -- an oxymoron

    This woman, Love, is way too psycho for this show. She makes me feel uncomfortable just watching it. She insists that she has "earned respect"? That's an oxymoron. Her attack on Carla was unwarranted and Carla should have charged her with assault after drawing blood after her attack. One good thing about that episode was Renee coming through for Carla, who she had previously hated. Made Renee look like a lady.
  • Banging

    It's whats going on in the world so stop putting a blind eye to this these lady's are going through it first hand,there partners or x partners may not be the top gangsters!! but we are seeing what cheaters,liars thieving,murders,they are but however they are making money and it's not cuz they are Italians or all Italians are bad it's cuz they our gangsters so they do what gangsters do and av done what gangsters have done and will meet a gangsters END!!! however certain women find this sort of behaviour very attractive!! And also they know that one day soon there man will go to jail I spouse one can argue if u know then u agree but once a women falls in love then she cannot see the badness and a cleaver gangster would never let his right hand know what his left hand does let alone brag to the mrs!! I say good luck to every one and ever one to there own! none of us are perfect!!

    I really enjoy the show most shows in United States our 90% staged this one might be bout 10% however these lady might av a bad mouth and what ever not but they all our real

    Darita is my fav go Girl!! She would knock Romana the fuck!!Romana is fake as goes for Kaaren!! Carla is cool big ang Is a cool lady too renne needs to jus look after her son make sure he becomes a kind man not a gangster or a rat like his dad!!sorry renee

    you doing a good show ladys keep up the good work So who ever dnt like the show dnt watch it watch some ting els u would enjoy its as simple as that

    Take care every one
  • Love is gotta go

    After last nights episode, I am really ready to quit watching this show. It was disgraceful! I like how the girls have bettered themselves & started businesses & are moving on in a positive way, Renee was loopy but apparently has or is trying to work out her problems w/addiction. Ramona is poison. But this Love is really a mental case, I don't think Carla deserved to be attacked in that way & her "so called friends" Need to stand behind her, support her & run that mental case out of town. It turned my stomach to see last night. The longtime friendships need to be shown in a positive way. Get rid of this Animal Love ,or prepare to lose viewers & ratings. It's nice to watch people pick up the pieces from bad things in their lives & make a change. NO Good can come from this pig running around beating up those that can't fight her, she just brags about stabbing & shooting people, what the hell is she even doing on the show? She's no relation to any Mobster, except to be a lay. I'm sure you can find tons of those girls w/o the mental issues, she needs to be in jail or mental institution. Personally I prefer jail, she will surely meet her match there.
  • Love is Evol

    Love your nothing but a mental case bully. You are so jealous of is everyone jealous of her, cuz she looks goooood. You on the other hand, talking about your other hand, it was not broken, you did not have swelling or brusing. You want to look like a bad ass fighting with a broken fake hand. So as I was saying on the other hand, you look like you have so many tires around your body and flabby that you are just plain jealous of Carla. I agree, there are lots of logos with Angles in this world and you will never get yours. So get off the show, you weaken it and go to the gym. And karma is a bitch so watch your back cuz people don;t like you. You think your so bad ass, come to La Mission in Frisco, see what your bully ass gets there.
  • love be gone

    i think because of her mental condition that she should be more monitored. don't mess with the real mobwives...
  • We miss tvtome BUT LUV MOB WIVES

    No harm BUT when you were tvtome You were more up to date Mob Wives is NOT on Season 1 they are at the end of Season 2......Waken up AND WE LUVVVVV US SUM MOB WIVES weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bring on more. They are very entertaining too bad they are suppose to be real...See fact is better than fiction lol
  • Stop encouraging this type of show!

    These women should be in jail along with their husbands! When is the next show going to start Wives of child sex offenders or families of thieves? Let's find the most disgusting people in America that have no morals and create a show for them or families with absolutely no talent whatsoever and make them celebrities! Don't you realize people that the people who create this garbage are laughing at all of you for being idiots!
  • mob <3 wives

    I love love love love mob wives!!! I think big ang is so wonderful, she holds the crew together and calms everyone down when things get too heated! I LOVE YOU ANG!!!!
  • Editing oops

    Watching the show today 3/25 and Renee is freakin over Junior leaving to turn himself in. One second she has purple looking fingernail polish on. Next shot same scene she has red fingernail polish on. I say wtf? So she had to cry n go balistic twice? Hmmm somethin smells fishy and it aint the ones in the water right off the shore

    Big mouth bitches who belong on Staten Island...hopefully the entire island will sink and shut them up....Its a fraud...Men who can't control their women...they are a disgrace to all Italians. I would be ashamed to be associated with any one of these wannabes...Two fat bitches vs. two skinny bitches...They are all train wrecks...talking shit and more shit...All you hear is "I have to move on"...Please , move on and off the air... the exec that okayed this show should be seriously be sent to the equivalent of Siberia for such bad taste .
  • Mob Wives

    I like this show. It's funny when they throw a lotta F-words It's like 'The Sopranos',but only from the women's point of view. They talk street,talk like ghetto,talk like gangsta.
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