Mob Wives: New Blood

Thursday 10:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Apr 17, 2011 In Season


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  • Love is gotta go

    After last nights episode, I am really ready to quit watching this show. It was disgraceful! I like how the girls have bettered themselves & started businesses & are moving on in a positive way, Renee was loopy but apparently has or is trying to work out her problems w/addiction. Ramona is poison. But this Love is really a mental case, I don't think Carla deserved to be attacked in that way & her "so called friends" Need to stand behind her, support her & run that mental case out of town. It turned my stomach to see last night. The longtime friendships need to be shown in a positive way. Get rid of this Animal Love ,or prepare to lose viewers & ratings. It's nice to watch people pick up the pieces from bad things in their lives & make a change. NO Good can come from this pig running around beating up those that can't fight her, she just brags about stabbing & shooting people, what the hell is she even doing on the show? She's no relation to any Mobster, except to be a lay. I'm sure you can find tons of those girls w/o the mental issues, she needs to be in jail or mental institution. Personally I prefer jail, she will surely meet her match there.