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AIRED ON 1/9/2013

Season 3 : Episode 5

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Host Howie Mandel and thousands of strangers help guests on the show plan surprises for their friends, family, loved ones or co-workers. The participants will be surprised by what the performers come up with that leads to a big reveal!

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  • marriage proposal

    Is it possible to propose to my boyfriend to marry me
  • Best Wedding ever!!!!

    I just saw one of the wedding episodes. I am amazed!! My girlfriend and I have been throwing around the idea of getting married. I have the engagement ring and the gull to propose but I have not found the correct time or place. This would of been perfect for her and I. Is this show still doing things like this? If so have the perfect situation for this. This was amazing!!!!!!!moreless
  • My baby girl!!

    I love in NC my name is Amanda I lost my daughter when she was six weeks old she was adopted I was only 17 didn't know what to she is twenty years old and I'm 38 years old I like to see her again and her brother who is hunting her and half sister birthday, and holiday I cry it breaks my would like for her to see her brother and sister, they want to see her so I want to be part of her life again I miss her so much it has been 19 years and six weeks since I seen her and I love to be in her life again and her siblings so our family can be complete want her to know we all love her, miss her so much and we are here for is my birthday wish for last 19 years!!cCan you help me Howie find my baby girl and her brother and sister reunite again.moreless

    Hi there, I am writing all the way from South Africa. I have been in love with the love of my life for 4 years now and I would like to propose to Him. I am a 24 year old female living in Johannesburg South Africa. It would be wonderful to have MOBBED here and I really want to surprise him desperately. He is my first love and the only thing that keeps me going.moreless
  • Two men that just fell in love

    Hello mobbed. My spouse is an amazing person. He has taken care of everyone in his life and he deserves something special to happen to him. We are a gay couple in texas that have been together for 2 years. I dont know what I would do without him. He takes care of his mother who has faught cancer many times. took care of his sister kids after she past away from cancer, which her boys now live with us. He goes out of his way to do anything for anyone. Right now we cant afford our dream wedding on the beach like he wants or the rings. But just to do something for him that makes him feel like a million dollars for once would be amazing. I love your show and what you do for everyone on it. If you find it in your heart to help us out I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Aaronmoreless
  • What did you think of Mobbed?
    I just saw the first episode of Mobbed and I think FOX might have a hit show on their hands and will bring success to the network....
  • Did Mobbed return?
    I was channel surfing today and I happened to see Mobbed shown on TV today and I wanted to know if the Mobbed episode today was a ...
  • What happened to Mobbed?
    The first episode aired in March. I enjoyed it very much, but what happened to the show? There hasnt been a secon episode and no w...
  • Will Mobbed be on next week?
    Will we see a new episode of Mobbed next Thursday? I was gonna watch the whole episode yesterday but my Vugo recording device wasn...

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