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  • I have been helping people find closure for 30 years. I want to help you and to help MOBBED!!!

    Please contact me on my Facebook page. Find Friends, Family and Ancestors free. Join me and let me help you to connect as well. 515564095157978/
  • Falling in Love with Jayden Perscott

    Dear Mr. Howie Mandel,

    I am in love with Jayden Perscott and she is from Columbus Ohio and I from Jordan in the Middle East I really do love her a lot but I have an issue problem for getting here or for me to go there for her in USA she is a kind lady and the lady that I want her in my life, so I want you to help me out for this matter please if you can and her cell phone number is 0018722281950 and my cell phone number is 00962797203236. I loved the mobbed show a lot and it could help me out for this to make my dream come true and I love all you shows really it had made me cry a lot all I want is to be with her and to share things in my life also. I really do love her from the bottom of my heart and she really means everything to me more than anything in the world also. I am 40 years old guy never been married at all in my life and she is the one I am looking for years and decked also, I would really would thank you a lot if you can help me out for this matter as soon as possible and my email is and her email is . I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Walid Odtalla.
  • looking my father from filipines

    hello my name is franky anggoman

    I'm from Indonesia and I live in North Sulawesi precisely manado ...

    I am 37 years of age, I was separated from my father 37 years ago and until now. I have never seen my father, I just got the news about my father from my grandmother, and it's also my now deceased grandmother and my mother. I know his name peping tromata living in the Philippines. I already searched all over the internet site, but I can not find it.

    I saw on youtube this event mobbed episode that brings father and son apart for 37 years. and I am keen to try menghungi mobbed via the Internet. I hope it can help me bring mobbed me and my father.

    my phone number: 082291661611


    terimaksih before ..

    God Bless mobbed
  • Seeing my Real Mother

    Hey, I'm Kelly B. and I'm 14 years old, currently living in Ohio. I haven't seen my mother, Kathy Moongold, since I was around 5 years old. I have no idea what she looks like. The last thing I remember is she lived in Bucyrus, but then heard that her house flooded, and now I have no idea where she is located or even if she is alive. I was told by my father and his girlfriend that I was not able to see her because they didn't want me to. To me, this is extremely important. My dad or his girlfriend don't know I'm typing this right now. My dads girlfriend doesn't like my real mom because she thinks she is a "bad influence", but I don't understand what they think is so bad. I just really want to meet her and make sure she's okay. I might have a sister or another brother I don't even know about....
  • marriage proposal

    Is it possible to propose to my boyfriend to marry me
  • Best Wedding ever!!!!

    I just saw one of the wedding episodes. I am amazed!! My girlfriend and I have been throwing around the idea of getting married. I have the engagement ring and the gull to propose but I have not found the correct time or place. This would of been perfect for her and I. Is this show still doing things like this? If so have the perfect situation for this. This was amazing!!!!!!!
  • My baby girl!!

    I love in NC my name is Amanda I lost my daughter when she was six weeks old she was adopted I was only 17 didn't know what to she is twenty years old and I'm 38 years old I like to see her again and her brother who is hunting her and half sister birthday, and holiday I cry it breaks my would like for her to see her brother and sister, they want to see her so I want to be part of her life again I miss her so much it has been 19 years and six weeks since I seen her and I love to be in her life again and her siblings so our family can be complete want her to know we all love her, miss her so much and we are here for is my birthday wish for last 19 years!!cCan you help me Howie find my baby girl and her brother and sister reunite again.

    Hi there, I am writing all the way from South Africa. I have been in love with the love of my life for 4 years now and I would like to propose to Him. I am a 24 year old female living in Johannesburg South Africa. It would be wonderful to have MOBBED here and I really want to surprise him desperately. He is my first love and the only thing that keeps me going.
  • Two men that just fell in love

    Hello mobbed. My spouse is an amazing person. He has taken care of everyone in his life and he deserves something special to happen to him. We are a gay couple in texas that have been together for 2 years. I dont know what I would do without him. He takes care of his mother who has faught cancer many times. took care of his sister kids after she past away from cancer, which her boys now live with us. He goes out of his way to do anything for anyone. Right now we cant afford our dream wedding on the beach like he wants or the rings. But just to do something for him that makes him feel like a million dollars for once would be amazing. I love your show and what you do for everyone on it. If you find it in your heart to help us out I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Aaron

    Hello Mobbed I'm a 44 year old that has had a life from hell. And with everything in my life I have met the most wonderful man in the world m one and only true love. We have never met we are 1217 miles away from each other we both have suffer strokes. Most of our time together is spent on a virutal game. Or on skype talking and doing video with each other. I live in a place I'm dont feel i am wanted. Only thing I have is the love of my life the one true person I want to be with in my life

    hello mobbed my name is jannina, i'm from colombia and live here, but from 1 year i know to a man more wonderful in this world, and in the first momnet i knew than him was my true love, but him live so far, his is muslim and live in dubai, everyday we talk on skype, and we have plan for marrie, but is so complicated for this distance, even today we are so sad because our plane very heard, but i wanted surprise to him with his help mobbed. really is a beautiful and amazing love story, pls help me mobbed for make this dream reality. you know about how is difficult be the muslim and marrie with someone different to his tradition, if you can help me, i will say you thanks thanks thanks, many kisses, this is my e-mail,

    Howie.. My name is Eric, I am a retired NHARNG veteran.. I want to give Candi Goff, my target the wedding of a lifetime.. We've both been through the ringer of bad relationships, I want to show her.. A Mobbed Show her in a Big little My folks don't know I intend to marry her, she knows.. But doesn't know it will be.. Mobbed!! Please assist us in making a fond memory.. ThankYou.. EricFord NHARNG Veteran..
  • Taylor Made Needs Help!!

    Hi my name is taylor i love your show alot it inspired me to find my dad but that hasn't gotten me anywhere so i'm just asking you to help me please to help me build a relationship with my dad and to meet him for the first time in my life and to fill that missing piece!
  • marry me

    I would do anything I just want to give my wife a wedding she would never forget help me plz
  • Howie please help me give my girlfriend something she deserves!

    I love watching your show! I just hope you would be able to help me, give something so special to my girlfriend of almost 4 years. I want to give her the best proposal/wedding ever. We have been through so much at such a young age, we have had a house fire, been homeless, loss of employment, loss of our car, and we even went through a rough time losing family members. I could go on for days of things we have been through, but the main importance of this is we were able to stick together, some married couples are even able to pull through what we have. Even though we went through a major slum in our lives, we love each other more and more every day.. With all that has happened we don't have much money to pay for anything big at this time. Neither one of our parents are very wealthy either, due to both of us loosing a parent, so now both of our parents are single taking care of our younger siblings. All I am asking Howie, is to help me make my girlfriend the happiest women in the world. She really does deserve something so special, she is the best thing that has ever happen to me. I just want to be able to call her my wife. Please help me.
  • Can YOu Help Me

    In two years my mom any I will be having a huge party because of our graduation mine from high school hers from collage .She has been with me through every thing and i love her so much I would love to do a flash mob for her to the son the perfect fan by the back street boy at the end of the song i will present her with a huge thing of red rose BUT SHE CAN NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS
  • Anthony and Boss

    Best show ever indeed. Thanks, Howie and support...
  • Anthony and his boss

    The setup, the boss, the parents? The best episode ever!!! You give me hope for the human race. Thanks Howie, et al!
  • Episode airing 1-10-13

    I have watched mobbed for awhile now. I have enjoyed all the episodes I have seen but this one was the best by far. I think that the boss giving this young man a chance to not only complete his college but also give him a promotion and raise was the most generous thing I have ever seen. I am happy for the young man and wish him well.
  • i wanna be on mobbed for wedding propsal

    i wanna get proposed to like that but like going thru heritage high school in palm bay florida

    first i want my bf to walk thru the halls then end up on the football feild while the band is playing and the dance gurls and flag gurls are there and my best friend taylor and augustine is there and my family is there and his family and my counselor and my friends that go to heritage and some other students from heritage are there
  • I Love this show

    I really love this show. <3
  • Finding my father

    Im 31 years old and have been tryign to find my father since i was 19 with no luck I dont know much about him but would love to meet him. I have 3 kids and want them to know their grandfather. It would mean everything to me to finally meet him.
  • marry me now

    i would love to get my boyfriend to marry me in front of all them people,, he keeps sayin we will be married but can't say when,,
  • need forgiveness

    My name is Ariel, i just found out i have cancer i have 2 kids, but the only thing i want in this world is to see the love of my life again, we got in a fight 2 years ago, and just realy want to say sorry to him and get his forgiveness or something, please help me with this one wish thank you.
  • Father meets Daughter

    I love watching your show. How can I surprise my daugter who has never met her father in the 32 years of her life. The last time he saw her she only minutes old. She has no idea that I am trying my best to make her wish come true.

  • Love your show

    I saw it maybe 4 times, and i love it!!! why isn't it on anymore? i know that american idol has been on, but when is it coming on again????? please let me know....thats a great show

    thanks florence my rating is 15 ;) i want to see more of it...let me know when its coming back on!!! howie mandel is fantastic!!!
  • missing my son kasey

    Hi my name is Kevin lance.I watched your show on fox on Feb 7 with my oldest son keith we just had or reunion on Feb 3 I flew up to Kentucky to see my son keith at fortknoxs he is in the army.he just got back from deployment.and I told him I would come and see.him when he got back from afganastand.we have not seen each other in 11 years.and have not seen his brother the same time.I would love to see Kasey as let him know that I love him.his dad misses him to. I would love to be one of your epasodes.on fox could you help me Howie.I live in Florida in palmbay you can call me at (321)373-1463 thanks Kevin lance
  • this is greatest show on tv

    the last time i seen howie was when he was on pinks and i meet him in person in harrisburg pa and got a sign pic of him i think this show is superb i record it and watch it every thur in the uniontown pa area i hope this show stays around for a long time i have tears in my eyes everytime i watch it keep up the good work howie and his crew

    my rating is a 10
  • Fail, thumbs down fail!!!!

    I have never seen a more manipulative, emotional exploitive show than what I saw tonight with a first meeting of a father who never knew he had a son. Howie you should be ashamed. Fail fail fail. You lost a fan....:(
  • Mobbed. 10stars

    This Showa is so great and heart touching. What a crew and team not to mention I just love Howie in all he does. We need more TV like this instead of killing and violence.
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