Mobile Home Disasters

Friday 9:00 PM on CMT - Country Music Television Premiered Apr 28, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • You do an amazing jobs.. for alot of needed people.

    I think it is so amazing what yoy guys do for so many people, me and my daughter watch ur guys show alot. I just wish i could do that all for my self and tried but car issues happen alot and threw my trailer there is alot of leeks and afriad may be mold.. and scares me for my kids.. my heat bill is so high every winter and never feel warm enough. I work so hard for my 3 kids and only have a 2good bed room.. ot kills me i cant do nothing better for my kids even i try my best.. i have 7to month old baby sleeping in our bed room and 4i ur old daughter in her own room and my step daughter thats 8 and dont even have a room.. i just dont think my trailer will last threw a nother year and keep my kids happy or warn ir safe and what they deserve, there such amazing kids. And makes me sad and cry.. i know alot of family needs help out there in the ecomany that we have.. but please for my kids leave us in ur thoughts.. i try my best and my kids need better.. thank you.. if i saw this place ud run or wonder how we do it.
  • this is the best show i have ever seen. it helps people and gets them started on a life they need.

    hi my name is chris and i wiould like to know if we could have your help. i live with my grandparents bev and terry. they have taken care of me since i was born and have taken care of my cousin since she was 10. we live in a trailer and really need your help. we used to live in a kind of nice house for some years now. my grandpa's parents had to move somewhere close to use so we could take care of them so we had to buy a lot and buy a trailer for it. my great grandmother had to go to the nursing home because of altimers and we had to take care of my great grandfather who was dying from lung cancer. my grandmother gave up all of her time to feed him, wash him, and, well you know the rest. half a year of takeing care of him my uncle archie was being forced out of his house because his house was falling apart. we offered him to live with us and he did. he had to help my grandmother take care of my great grandpa and he passed away 3 months later. half a year later great grandma passed away and left us with no money from both because we had to pay for the bill after they died. now we have to go to food pantries and other places to get food. the trailer we live in is rocking when the winds blow, and it is very cluttered. i would appritciate your help if you can help me. i will be graduating soon and i would like to help my grandma and grandpa for what they have helped me with. i really do love them and they need a better place to live, more secure, better to live in, and a better nite sleep. please help me fix my grandparents trailer so we can all be better. sincerly chris, a desperate person in need.
  • see below

    I love your show. You are truly a gift from God for helping so many others. I wish your show came to WI. I am a disabled single mom raising 2 teenagers who lost their father last year at the age of 41 from a heart attack in his sleep...never saw it coming. 3 months later, my mom died. My husband died before he could finish the repairs on our mobile home. We are in desperate need of winterizing repairs before the winter months come. Know of anyone who could help? God Bless you all.
  • This show is interesting. I have watched families who have gotten make overs. They are so happy with the work you do. You make families feel good about the home they live in.

    I have watched your program which I enjoy so much. I know that you do good things for deserving people. So many people need help from people like you who help people in need. I would like to ask if you would consider my mom's mobile home. My mom is a hard working mom. She is the supporter of our family. My stepdad has had major heart damage and is trying to get on disablity. So far he has not been able to get it. My mom works at night in a job that is very hard on her. The doctors told her she will not be able to work much longer herself. She had a car wreck and broke her neck about 1 1/2 years ago. She had to have surgery to fix it but she has alot of pain still.

    Our mobile home is getting in really bad shape since Tim, my stepdad can't do much. He watches a couple of small kids for a friend to make a litte money. But it's not much at all. My brother and myself share a room that is very crowded and my sister's room is very small. The air condition went bad and leaked water in the floor and made the floor start going bad. You have to watch where you step. Our rooms need to be painted and the walls fixed. The bathroom needs some work.

    My mom has worked since she was 15 years old. She works so many hours and so hard just to make ends meet. I would love to see her have something really nice to live in. The mobile home is sitting on an aunt's land. But they will not mind it being fixed. The home is in Tennessee.

    If you read this I would really love to hear from you. I am 13 years old. I love my mom very much. Thank you for considering us.

  • Hi, I'm not writing this for me, I'm writing for a GREAT friend that has a child with C.P., and steal finds time for though in need.

    Hi, My name is Shawn, and I have a GREAT freind (Becky) which has a 13 year old little boy with C.P., and she somehow finds time for thoughs in need. I had a stroke in may of 2007, and a back injury in 2001.,I have needed help at times, and Becky's always been there, any where from buying food, to offering to pay my bill's, even though she struggles through life herself, Becky is always there for me, or anyone else that needs something. She's always putting others first, other than her little boy. Becky, and her son, and boyfreind lives in a trailer that her mom, and dad lived in for years, and it is in BAD shape, the bath room is small, and she has to lift Charles (Her son) in, and out of the tub by herself on the days that her boyfreind is working, there is nothing handicap in her trailer. she was trying to fix Charles's bed room up for him, but with everything that is going on in her life she just can't seem to get it even started, much less finished. I would Love to re-pay her for everything she's done somehow, but with my own health, and financal bind I can't. So Please if you, and your crew could help out with this it would mean So much to both of us. Thank you very much shawn
  • I Think that your show is wonderful I wish my mobile could get a make over too I am a single parent of 2 in a singlr wide that need fixing badly only one tolirt works and some f the floors and cabinets are bad please come to sc

    wonderful job you all do great things for people in need please keep up the good work because alot of people need help like that but just can't afford it so continue doing what you are doing and the lord will bless you all
    I am so glad that there are people willing to help people today and from looking at the show on tv yall are ablessing soplease come to mullins sc and makeover my 1984 mobile home can not wait to see what you do next love your show once again keep up the good work
    ethel rowell a single mother who loves your show