Mobile Home Disasters - Season 1

Friday 9:00 PM on CMT - Country Music Television Premiered Apr 28, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • The Edwards
    The Edwards
    Episode 9

    The Edwards family hasn't been reunited in a year, because Donald has been serving overseas in the Navy. Just before he left, he and Sabrina bought a home, but in the midst of fixing it up, she ran out of money. Now she and the kids have moved in with her parents, and the family is at their wits' end.

  • The Bagues
    The Bagues
    Episode 8
    Kim and her boyfriend, Jon, live in a Tennessee mobile home with four other people. Two of them are growing teenagers, who don't get along with Jon's older daughter, Sahdi. Then there is Kim's ex-stepfather, who stuck around after mom left and tries to keep the peace. There is one last thing, all six people used to for work at a carnival.moreless
  • The Talcotts
    The Talcotts
    Episode 7
    Christian music lover Bonnie Talcott and her two kids gets a dream come true when Cap and the team turn her Mobile Home Disaster into a house boat on land. They also get a rock star makeover, meet their favorite band Skillet and make a music video.
  • The Furrers
    The Furrers
    Episode 6
    The Furrers are a funny, quirky, upbeat family. Their mobile home is 40 years old, but when they moved in 21 years ago, they never dreamed they'd be sharing it with a former owner. The woman who used to live in the home died there, and according to the Furrers, she's never left.moreless
  • The Fricks
    The Fricks
    Episode 5
    Mobile Home Disasters goes green as they help the Frick family - Katie, her husband Andreas' and his daughter Kimberly. They are advocates for living green so when they wanted their mobile home disaster remolded that was the guideline the home team had to follow and the Fricks were definitely not disappointed with what they received.moreless
  • The Schmidts
    The Schmidts
    Episode 4
    While Community College professor Lisa Schmidt was away on a field trip with her students; Husband Gary, their three kids and the design team remodeled their former day care home into the best looking trailer in the park.
  • The Tylers
    The Tylers
    Episode 3
    John and gang arrive in Sylmar, CA to surprise the Tylers - Angela, her fiance Ken and her son, Tim. The gang sends them away to Big Bear for a little relaxation while they tear apart and remodel their mobile home which now includes a new separate home for Ken's Harley- Zelda.moreless
  • The Bigelows
    The Bigelows
    Episode 2
    John Caparulo and gang surprise Jim Bigelow, a single father of 5 boys from Palmdale, CA by not only turning their mobile home into a log cabin but also providing him with a makeover. His boys also got the chance to pick out a woman for him to go out on a date with.moreless
  • Pilot - The Craigs
    Pilot - The Craigs
    Episode 1
    Bill Engvall and team make The Craigs, a family from San Jacinto, CA the pride of the trailer park when they remodel their entire mobile home.