Mobile Suit Gundam - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)




Episode Guide


  • G-Saviour-The Movie
    G-Saviour-The Movie
    Episode 48
    Universal Century 223 - Humanity struggles to survive as wide spread famine spreads throughout the Earth and its orbiting space settlements known as Sides. Ex-Congressional pilot, Mark Curran stumbles across a secret research project to produce a new energy source that could potentially end the severe food crisis. However, Congressional forces on Earth seek to suppress this discovery in order to maintain its control over the populace. Thrust into inevitable conflict, Curran must rely on the help of researcher, Cynthia Graves, a secret organization known as the Illuminati, and an advanced mobile suit called the G-Saviour in order to protect this new discovery at all costs.moreless
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack-The Motion Picture
    After the end of the Neo Zeon War, in UC 0093, a new Neo Zeon army led by Char Aznable started a new war by dropping asteroids on Earth. This started a nuclear winter, so the Federal Forces establishes a military group named Londo Bell to stop the forces. Soldiers include Bright Noa and Amuro Ray, who serve on the ship Ra Cailum. As Char prepares to drop the asteroid Fifth Luna on Earth, Londo Bell moves in. Amuro uses the Refined Gundam Zeta to attack the artificial Newtype named Gyunei Guss and his Jagd Doga.moreless
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Movie lll: Encounters In Space
    Char asks a Zeon Musai squad commanded by Dren decides to help attack the White Base, which is approaching them at the moment. All mobile suits and Core Boosters are launched, and the battle begins. Secretly, Amuro destroys Dren's ship and after the battle, Bright takes the ship to the neutral Side 6 to buy time as the crew leaves and enters the city, while Amuro meets up with his father for one last conversation. He seeks shelter when rain pours, and locates a house by a lake and meets a beautiful Newtype girl named Lalah Sune.moreless
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Movie ll: Soldiers Of Sorrow
    A Zeon mine of M'Quve in Europe hears reports that the White Base is heading his way, and he decides to let Ramba Ral handle it for him. He and Hamon attack the White Base, while Sayla is convinced that Zeon soldiers would know about her brother Casval. A battle begins with Sayla and Amuro with Ramba and the Zakus. After the battle, Sayla is convinced Char is Casval and Amuro interrogates a captured Zaku while Cozun breaks out of his cell and contacts Ral about the suits in the ship.moreless
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Movie l
    In UC 0079, the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon are engaged in the ferocious One Year War when the Zeon attacked a space colony (part of their Operation British), resulting into the death of all the inhabitants. The colony was set on a collision course with the Federation headquarters in Jaburo, South America, but was knocked off course and destroyed Australia. The Antarctic Treaty was signed between the two powers, which prohibited the use of colonies and nuclear weapons.moreless
  • Escape
    Episode 43
    Amuro and Char continue their battle as Kai and Hayato land on the surface of A Baoa Qu and encounter enemy suits. Baoa Qu, he puts on a spacesuit and wonders how he will defeat a Newtype like Amuro. The White Base is shot down and crashes on the surface of A Baoa Qu. Several Rick Doms appear and start shooting at the remaining starboard engine. Kai and Hayato quickly return to the ship to defend it while the crew prepares for hand-to-hand combat.moreless
  • Escape
    Episode 42
    After exchanging repeated blows, the Gundam and the Zeong are both severely damaged. Recognizing his true enemy, Amuro abandons his machine, but he is confronted by Char and the two begin a fateful duel with guns and swords. Char bids farewell to his sister Sayla and sets out to stop the fleeing Kycilia in order to end the war. Meanwhile, blown about by explosions, Amuro finds himself in a hopeless situation...moreless
  • Space Fortress: A Baoa Qu
    Kycilia receives a report that the Solar Ray has been fired and that the Great Degwin was the victim. At A Baoa Qu, Gihren gives a speech to the soldiers and tells them that the Solar Ray has destroyed half of the Federation's entire fleet. He says it is time to stand up for the future. On the White Base, Bright considers what the loss of half the fleet means. Amuro believes with his Newtype intuition that they can still win despite the loss of half the fleet.moreless
  • Cosmic Glow
    Cosmic Glow
    Episode 41
    Gihren watches his father depart on the flagship Great Degwin while Bright and the others discuss the possibility of Newtypes, and Amuro says he's not special just because he is a Newtype. He wonders if everyone fighting on the ship is a Newtype, and Bright thinks that might be a possibility. On the Zanzibar, Char tells Lalah she should focus on attacking the Gundam and that he will follow her orders.moreless
  • A Cosmic Glow
    A Cosmic Glow
    Episode 40
    Lalah and Amuro face off. The Elmeth's psycommu-guided bits besiege the Gundam from all directions, but Amuro is able to read their every move and eliminate them. Their consciousnesses begin to resonate, and the two find they are able to communicate directly through their thoughts. Char suddenly interrupts and comes between them. The Gundam attempts to deliver a final blow to Char's Gelgoog, when...moreless
  • Lalah's Dilemma
    Lalah's Dilemma
    Episode 40
    The White Base returns to Konpei Island, an engineer Mosk Han comes aboard the ship to provide a field upgrade to the Gundam. He has developed a magnetic coating system to cover the Gundam's joints and prevent it from overheating. With the magnetic coating it will be able to move faster and keep up with Amuro's movements. Kycilia receives the report from Char that Challia was killed in combat.moreless
  • The Newtype: Challia Bull
    The White Base returns to Solomon, which is now held by the Federation and renamed Konpei Island. A mysterious force destroys ships and mobile suits stationed around the space fortress. Bright sends out Amuro, Sayla, and Kai to investigate the situation. The attacks continue, and their source is a nearby asteroid where Char protects Lalah's mobile armor, Elmeth.moreless
  • Char And Sayla
    Char And Sayla
    Episode 38
    After killing M'Quve, Amuro is stalked by Char. Amuro, who discovers Char's planned attack, chases Char and forces him to hide in the mountains but he moves up to high ground and starts taking sniper shots at Amuro. Amuro approaches Char and slices the beam rifle out of the Gelgoog's hand. The Gundam moves slowly, but Amuro manages to evade the attack and hit the Gelgoog's side. Char escapes and sets off a bomb to make it seem like he exploded, but he doesn't think he can fool Amuro.moreless
  • The Duel In Texas
    The Duel In Texas
    Episode 37
    The White Base patrols the area near the abandoned Texas colony to clean up any remaining Zeon forces from Solomon. As the Zanzibar approaches Texas colony, Char awaits the delivery of the mobile armor, Elmeth. He decides to let M'Quve handle the White Base. M'Quve orders the launch of several Rick Doms to lure the Gundam closer to him. He reminds his men that they will receive a two rank promotion if they defeat the Gundam.moreless
  • Big Zam's Last Stand
    The fierce battle outside Solomon continues while Sleggar isn't happy about getting his G-Fighter damaged and decides to have it repaired. He soon gets into a personal conversation with Mirai. An explosion causes them to fall into each other's arms, and Sleggar gives Mirai a kiss before leaving. Inside Solomon, GM's and Balls successfully destroy many Zakus and Rick Doms, but the Big Zam's mega particle cannon destroys them all.moreless
  • The Glory Of Solomon
    Bright takes a shuttle over to the command Magellan ship to meet with the fleet's commander, Wakkein. Wakkein shows Bright the plan to attack Solomon, and the job is given to Amuro. Wakkein gives orders to all the ships in the fleet, and they move towards Solomon from Side 4's shoal zone. The Solomon forces deploy their mobile suits and begin firing their beam cannons at the Tianem Fleet.moreless
  • A Fateful Encounter
    A Fateful Encounter
    Episode 34
    Bright says they will leave as soon as repairs are complete and Amuro returns. Amuro drives through the colony and is caught in the rain. Stopping, he tries to look for shelter, and he suddenly sees a dark skinned girl named Lalah Sune watching a bird die in the air. She tells him he has beautiful eyes and runs out by the lake. The Zanzibar enters Side 6, as Char reveals that Conskon and Dozle does not see the big picture like Krycilia does.moreless
  • Farewell In Side Six
    Dozle wants to prove that Char is incompetent, so he sends out the Conskon Fleet to destroy the White Base. Meanwhile, Amuro and Sayla patrol space with the G-Armor. Sayla and Amuro are attacked by an encounter with the new mobile armour, Braw Bro hiding behind an asteroid. Char meets with Conskon, and he tells Char he should be embarrassed serving Kycilia and allowing the White Base to escape so many times.moreless
  • Breakthrough
    Episode 32
    Bright is informed that a mobile suit is approaching them from the Zanzibar. He orders Hayato to go out in the Guntank and discovers the mobile armor, Zakrello. Meanwhile, Amuro decides to go out using the Gundam Sky, and Zakrello attacks Hayato but Amuro joins the attack with the Gundam Sky. Amuro gets in close and destroys it with his beam saber. After the battle, Mulligan explains that the men respected Tokwan, and Char says he will court martial him the next time.moreless
  • Breakthrough
    Episode 31
    Captain Char asks his former subordinate Lieutenant Dren to intercept the White Base. Sleggar sorties in a G-Fighter, while a Rick Dom formation begins its attack. As Dren focuses on the fleet battle, he hears a report that the Gundam is missing and becomes uneasy. The Gundam approaches from directly overhead to avoid being spotted, and attacks the bridge of Dren's flagship!moreless
  • A Decoy In Space
    A Decoy In Space
    Episode 31
    The Tianem Fleet heads for the Zeon space fortress, Solomon as the White Base will act as a decoy, moving in the opposite direction. As the White Base leaves Jaburo, Char leaves in Zanizibar. Tokwan, an officer, wants to use the mobile armor Bigro to attack the White Base, and he launches with it and two space modified Rick Doms. Sayla thinks Char is on the ship, and Bright orders her and Amuro to launch in the G-Sky and G-Bull Easy. Bright suggested to use the main cannon but Slegger believes they should turn the ship around.moreless
  • A Wish Of War Orphans
    Gaw carriers continue to carpet bomb the jungles over Jaburo. Char gets into his Z'Gok and is followed into the water by a squad of the new Acguy mobile suits. It is announced that Ryu will be given a posthumous two rank promotion, and Amuro becomes angry. Char and his men leave their suits once they enter Jaburo from an underwater passage.moreless
  • A Wish of War Orphans
    With the formal admission of the White Base crew into the military, the question arises of what to do with Katz, Letz, and Kikka. After escaping from a childcare center, the kids run into a GM factory. Here they stumble into Zeon commandos who are planting bombs, and they are tied up. The children cut their bonds, and work hard to dismantle the time bombs, but...moreless
  • Tragedy In Jaburo
    Tragedy In Jaburo
    Episode 29
    Finally reaching the Federal Forces Headquarters, the White Base is unaware that Char was following them. Everyone enjoys the view, but Kai finds himself thinking about Miharu. A secret hatch opens, and the ship enters the underground base. When the ship vanishes from radar, Char orders his men to pinpoint the location where it vanished while Amuro, Hayato and Kai take mental tests.moreless
  • Across The Atlantic Ocean
    Amuro and Sayla continue to practise docking the Gundam with the G-Fighter as the White Base heads for Jaburo. Miharu continues to spy on the White Base, by retrieving information at Bright's quarters. When Kai catches her in the room, the team keeps a close eye on her. A plane piloted by Boone sends out a distress call and lands in the White Base. Miharu contacts Boone, and tells him the ship is heading for South America. Kai sees Miharu talking into her watch, and he realizes the civilians are spies.moreless
  • A Spy On Board
    A Spy On Board
    Episode 27
    Amura discusses about using the G-Armor to form the G-Sky, G-Sky Easy, and G-Bull. Amuro outlines their ideas and requests more parts. When Kai leaves the ship, he walks through the city and runs into Miharu. During a planned dinner, Kai tells Miharu that White Base is having engine trouble and will be leaving dock soon. She reports the info to Boone, and Char orders Boone to have her infiltrate the ship.moreless
  • Char Returns
    Char Returns
    Episode 26
    Amuro practices docking the Core Fighter with the Gundam modules, but he is still unable to beat his fastest time. Bright is told that is the fastest the Core Fighter can be docked. The White Base arrives at the Federal Forces dock at Belfast, Ireland for repairs of damage from the Battle of Odessa. It flies over the house of a young Zeon spy named Miharu Ratokie. Char, who needs to confirm that it is the White Base, retrieves a picture.moreless
  • The Battle Of Odessa
    Operation Odessa is now fully completed while the White Base hurries to reach the battlefield, while Amuro continues to think about Matilda's death. He and Sayla take off in the G-Armor for a practice flight so that she can learn the controls, but they bump into Zeon fighters. Elsewhere, Gaia and Ortega honour the memory of Mash, but they are reminded of their orders. They disobey M'Queve's orders and avenge the death of Mash.moreless
  • Black Tri-Star
    Black Tri-Star
    Episode 24
    Krycilla orders her subordinates to send heavy mobile suits to Char and she is told that the Black Tri-Stars have boarded the Zanzibar and are on the way to join M'Quve with their Doms. General Revil discovers this and decides to launch Operation Odessa earlier than expected (Elron passes this on to Judoc). As repairs are being done to the White Base, Amura reveals to Matilda, a shortcut to the bridge.moreless
  • Star
    Episode 23
    Matilda's return to the White Base raises the crew's morale, and they take a commemorative photo. The Doms of the Black Tri-Stars, however, are approaching the White Base. Sayla is chosen to be the pilot of the G-Armor, and sorties with the Gundam despite feeling overwhelmed. But the three Doms perform their Jet Stream Attack and make sport of the Gundam!moreless
  • Matilda's Rescue
    Matilda's Rescue
    Episode 23
    Aboard the Federation land battleship Big Tray, Revil meets with Elron, Matilda and Judoc to discuss Operation Odessa. During the discussion, they plan to attack the front lines and have White Base attack the rear lines as Revil orders Matilda to deliver upgrade modules for the Gundam. Judoc leaks the information about the delivery to M'Quve, and he relays the message to Elron to slow down his forces during Operation Odessa.moreless
  • The Trap Of M'Quve
    The Trap Of M'Quve
    Episode 22
    As the White Base continues on its way to join Operation Odessa, it attacks several of M'Quve's mining installations, which made him mad. M'Quve orders Judoc to tell Federal Forces General Elron to slow down Federation activity in Europe, and decides to battle the White Base himself. A group of Zeon soldiers plant bombs, which explode, damaging the Minovsky particle emitters (clouds enemy radar). Twenty Dopps appear, and Mirai sends Amuro and Hayato to fight them.moreless
  • Sorrow And Hatred
    Sorrow And Hatred
    Episode 21
    Ramba Ral's wife, Hamon, goes after the White Base to destroy it for good. Amuro is still in solitary confinement and Bright refuses to allow him to join the fighting. In his desperate effort to unite the feelings of the White Base crew, severely injured Ryu sacrifices his own life to save the White Base and the Gundam.moreless
  • Hand To Hand Combat
    Hand To Hand Combat
    Episode 20
    While Amuro is in solitary confinement for ignoring orders, Ramba Ral and his men attack the White Base. Once inside the White Base, Ramba Ral runs into Sayla, who he knows as "Princess Artesia," the daughter of the man he used to serve. When he's caught off guard, Ryu shoots at him. In the exchange gunfire, Ryu is critically injured and Ramba Ral takes his own life.moreless
  • Ramba Ral's Attack
    Ramba Ral's Attack
    Episode 19
    While Amuro is still on the run from the White Base, he stops by an eatery and meets Ramba Ral and his wife, Hamon. Although they are not aware of Amuro's true identity at the time, later when Amuro and Ramba Ral engage in the battle against each other, Ramba Ral is surprised that a boy as young as Amuro is fighting in the war.moreless
  • Zeon's Secret Mine
    Zeon's Secret Mine
    Episode 18
    Amuro attacks Zeon's secret mine, thinking it's the main base. Surprised by the unexpected attack, M'Quve and Lady Kycilia of Zeon counter-attack using magnetic force, but are unable to defeat Gundam due to its astounding strength. After the mine is destroyed to protect Zeon's top secret information, Amuro is disappointed to find out that it is not the enemy's main base.moreless
  • Amuro Deserts
    Amuro Deserts
    Episode 17
    Amuro ignores Bright's orders and attacks Zeon's base mine. Meanwhile, a prisoner tries to leak information on the White Base back to Zeon. Unhappy with Amuro's actions, Bright tells Mirai that he wants to take Amuro off the Gundam and Amuro happens to listen in on their conversation. Amuro is upset with Bright's decision and escapes the White Base in the Gundam.moreless
  • Sayla's Agony
    Sayla's Agony
    Episode 16
    The White Base is attacked while on a supply run. Wanting to find out the whereabouts of her brother Char, Sayla takes off on the Gundam without permission to talk to a Zeon pilot, but she risks severe damage to the Gundam. Amuro ends up rescuing her. Sayla faces a three-day solitary confinement for her actions but is able to obtain information about Char from a captured Zeon soldier.moreless
  • Kukurus Doan's Island
    The Gunperry takes off from the White Base to release the Gundam modules so that they can dock with Amuro's Core Fighter. Fraw informs Bright that they are receiving an automated distress signal from a nearby location. Amuro is sent to that location to investigate, separating the Core Fighter from the Gundam. He spots a downed Federation fighter and discovers that there are two wounded pilots, tied to their seats.moreless
  • Time, Be Still
    Time, Be Still
    Episode 14
    Young Zeon pilots are eager to win the battle and plan to destroy the Gundam by setting time bombs directly onto it. When Amuro notices the bombs on the Gundam, he struggles to remove them on his own and lets the crew stay inside the White Base for safety. However, the crew come out to help Amuro and they succeed in isolating all the bombs. Impressed by what they saw, the young Zeon soldiers in disguise set out to meet Amuro in person.moreless
  • Coming Home
    Coming Home
    Episode 13
    The White Base happens to land near Amuro's hometown so he decides to look for his mother, but he finds out that the whole town has been taken over by drunken former-Federation soldiers. During his short reunion with his mother, Amuro shoots a Zeon soldier in self-defence. However, his mother criticizes him for such action and he feels deeply discouraged and in disbelief of his mother's love.moreless
  • The Threat Of Zeon
    The Threat Of Zeon
    Episode 12
    Amuro is on the verge of a nervous breakdown after the battle with Icelina, but the enemy keeps coming. Ryu forces Amuro into the Gundam to fight, but the enemy's new mobile suits are much more powerful than the previous model Zaku. After scarcely winning the battle, Amuro returns to the White Base and watches the live broadcast speech by the Zeon's leader to boost Zeon's war morale.moreless
  • Icelina - Love's Remains
    Icelina wants vengeance for Garma's fall. The White Base lands on the desert, and in the meantime, Icelina attacks Amuro but falls in battle. Char is blamed for Garma's death in the end and is demoted.
  • Garma's Fate
    Garma's Fate
    Episode 10
    Garma strongly believes he needs to conquer the White Base for his family and his only love, Icelina. However, Char tricks him into fighting a hopeless battle. Garma is battered with an unexpected attack by the White Base and realizes he has been back-stabbed by Char. But it is already too late.moreless
  • Fly, Gundam!
    Fly, Gundam!
    Episode 9
    The White Base crew, along with Amuro, feel depressed and lose hope. Bright gives him his motivation back to fight Garma. Sabotage by Char makes Amuro win. But Amuro falls for Matilda, a Federation officer. Will this get in the way of his duty?
  • Winds Of War
    Winds Of War
    Episode 8
    A truce with the Zeon allows the White Base to land on the Earth safely. However, the Gundam is hidden among it. Zeon patrol attempt soldiers drop a munitions capsule to civilians, but are shot down.
  • The Core Fighter's Escape
    Amuro must outrun Char to contact the federation for help. Amuro relies on the Gundam to drive Char back. Char retreats, but a rebellion happens on the White Base.
  • Garma Strikes
    Garma Strikes
    Episode 6
    Leed and Bright are unable to agree on a strategy while Garma is about to attack. It is up to Amuro to use the Gundam to defeat the forces.
  • Re-Entry To Earth
    Re-Entry To Earth
    Episode 5
    While trying to re-enter Earth, Char and the Zeon forces attack the White Base and the Gundam when they are vulnerable.
  • Escape From Luna II
    When the White Base gets to Luna II, refugees are not to be taken in. The crew must go to court, and the White Base and the Gundam are towed for impoundment. This strictness is useless when Char attacks. Can the White Base win?
  • Vote to Attack
    Vote to Attack
    Episode 3
    The Gundam crew makes a vote to determine whether they are going to attack a Zeon supply ship.
  • Vote To Attack
    Vote To Attack
    Episode 3
    Bright and his inexperienced crew consult whether they should go after Char or attack the Zeon ship. Either way, it will be a tough decision.
  • Destroy Gundam!
    Destroy Gundam!
    Episode 2
    The legendary Zeon pilot Char Aznable is angry of his mobile suit being destroyed. Char attacks and is met by his future nemesis in battle, Amuro in a Gundam battle.
  • Gundam Rising
    Gundam Rising
    Episode 1
    In Universal Century 0079, overpopulation causes space colonies to develop. One becomes independent. This starts a war, in which a teenager, Amuro Ray finds himself an opportunity to control a Gundam, a mobile suit. Can he do it?