Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Season 1 Episode 2

Gundam Meister

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 13, 2007 on Tokyo Broadcasting System

Episode Recap

Two people run through a crowd and stop in front of a large TV screen where Celestial Being's message is being played over and over. They talk about Celestial Being then keep running.

At a parliament building, Celestial Being and the Gundams are discussed. At an AEU facility, board members watch a clip of Exia easily defeating the new MS "Enact." They try to figure out why Celestial Being attacked them.

They agree that an army would need lots of money so they must have a strong backing. One member of the board says that they know for certain that the Gundams complete surpass their own units.

At the Union Presidential House, the President reflects on Celestial Being's message of stopping war with force. On an island, Setsuna and Lockon lay low with their Gundams. Lockon informs Setsuna that people are calling them the Mysterious Army that will stop all war in the world. Lockon smiles and says he is sure no one actually trusts them.

They are interrupted by a voice that says they should make the people trust them. Lockon and Setsuna greet Princess Wang Liu Mei. She says it is time for the second mission.

Graham Acre and his colleague Billy Katagiri sit inside Graham's car on the side of the road. Billy is working on a computer. He asks Graham if he has to get back to his army. Graham tells him he wants to know more about the Gundam's capabilities. Graham says he is sure that their power is due to the light they saw.

Graham asks Billy if he has been able to figure it out but Billy says all he knows is that it is a special particle. A car pulls up outside and a man greets Graham saying he has an order.

In space, Allelujah and Tieria head to their Gundams to begin the second mission. Allelujah sighs saying he hates tests but Tieria says that they need to know their Gundam's potential. Sumeragi greets them and passes going the opposite way. As they enter a shaft, Sumeragi comments that they are so young.

The ship opens and the catapult deck extends. Lockon and Setsuna enter their Gundams and prepare to launch. In space, Kyrios is launched followed by Virtue and Tieria. While Princess Liu Mei watches, Exia and Dynames launch and fly away.

Tieria and Allelujah enter the atmosphere. Allelujah says he is nervous even though he has done it in the simulator. He looks and sees Tieria going ahead. He comments that Tieria has courage.

At a HRL orbital station, the Gundams are picked up and the officer is told of the unidentified entry. They bring it on screen and a man says "Gundam." The officer turns and salutes to the Commander who notes that the Gundam MS can re-entry without assistance.

The commander asks for their trajectory and is told that the destination is Ceylon Island in South India. Virtue and Kyrios pass through the atmosphere and rendezvous with Exia and Dynames. They all head for Ceylon, which is the former Sri Lanka. The world leaders are all informed of Celestial Being's move.

Setsuna has a flashback of their mission briefing with Sumeragi. The reason for the intrusion is a racial war between two factions, Tamil and Sinhala. The fight has been going on since the 20th century. Back in Exia, Setsuna reflects on the racial war.

In a ship, Graham and Billy discuss the move made by Celestial Being. Graham says that the Human Reform League's main purpose for supporting the Tamil group is because they want control of the solar energy pipeline.

Graham sends a message to the bridge and tells the captain to change course as well as to prepare the Flag. Billy thinks it is absurd and Graham says he knows it is.

At the battlefield on Ceylon Island the battle rages between the two groups, the Sinhala and the Tamil. A soldier is notified that Celestial Being is coming and he says to inform everyone. As the Gundam's near the island, the pilots discuss things.

Setsuna remains silent though and he does not respond when Lockon calls him. He is focused on the screen of the battle. The MS are giving him flashbacks of the war that went on when he was younger. Setsuna says: "I am Gundam." Lockon is confused but Setsuna charges on ahead.

Lockon calls after him but gets no response. Tieria and Allelujah branch off to continue their parts of the mission, leaving Lockon behind. Lockon is told he is the loser by his robot Haro and he speeds up as well.

At the battle, one MS is about to destroy another when its arm is blasted off. Setsuna lands with Gundam Exia. Setsuna brings out his sword and begins slicing and destroying all the MS. His charge is interrupted by a heavy energy blast. The soldier who fired is amazed that he hit the Gundam. However when the smoke clears Exia is undamaged.

Suddenly a stream of energy beams from above destroys a group of MS. Lockon flies above, blasting the enemies quickly and accurately. Lockon looks and sees Setsuna destroying everything in his path. Lockon comments that it is overkill and flies toward him.

At a HRL Military Base, Allelujah flies over and launches a barrage of missiles. There is a bunch of explosions in the base and the MS at the base retaliate but Kyrios flies behind the trees and reappears, transformed from flight mode to a fighter mode.

While the soldiers are confused, Allelujah destroys the remaining MS with a beam gun. On the water, Tieria levels his cannon at a battleship that is firing at him. He charges it and fires, wiping out the MS and the whole ship.

A group of stunned soldiers watch as Setsuna finishes destroying another battalion. They order a retreat and run away. Setsuna turns to look after them. Lockon says it over. Suddenly, two MS charge and say they will pay them back for all those they killed. Lockon is caught by surprise and he can't level his gun in time.

Setsuna does not move at all. The MS run past him and in a split second, Setsuna slices through both of them.

At the JNN news building, one reporter is able to identify the man who spoke in Celestial Being's message. His name is Aeolia Schenberg but he supposedly died 200 years ago. Suddenly another man shouts that Celestial Being has appeared on Ceylon Island and attacked both sides.

Around the world, sceptical people say that a 300 year old war will not end after one battle. Princess Liu Mei says that Celestial Being will not attack once but multiple times. Sumeragi says that Celestial Being is the pain that is needed to change the world.

Tieria and Allelujah join up with Lockon and ask where Setsuna is. Lockon says that Setsuna left first. He assures them that Setsuna is probably just thinking deeply about his first battle.

As Exia flies, Setsuna gets an alert that a Union plane is approaching. A Flag exits the plane and flies toward Setsuna. He brings out his sword and the Flag transforms, drawing out a beam sword. Setsuna starts and their blades meet. Graham Acre says it is nice to meet the Gundam.
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