Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2009)


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  • This is the best Gundam series out so far.

    I watched this show a while back and just recently started watching this show again and I really like it a lot. This is by far the best Gundam series out so far. This show is about four Gundam pilots by their codenames given: Setsuna F. Seiei, Lockon Stratos, Allelujah Haptism and Teiria Erde. These pilots work for and call their organization: Celestial Being. Celestial Being's mission is to end war on Earth. The characters in this show are awesome. I like all of the characters in this show. My favorite couple in this show is Louise and Saji. Most of the humor in this show comes from Louise and Saji as they go through their relationship. In the second season though, Louise fights for the enemy to avenge her parent's death from Gundams. It was good thought that Saji and Louise were together again. Yay! The action in this show is second-to-none. I really enjoy the flashy animation and the intense battles. The battles are awesome to watch and the music that goes along with the battles is awesome. It makes you feel like you're a part of the action. The soundtrack is amazing, the songs are really catchy. If you're a Gundam fan, by no means watch this show. If you like anime in general, I think you would enjoy this show.

    I have to say I found Gundam Seed/Destiny to have a great story, but Gundam 00 blew it away by 1,000,000 miles. It is BY FAR my favorite Gundam series ever. Season 2 was especially awesome. From the amazing opening to the fast and awesome action scenes, I was hooked on the show. I have bought all 3 parts of season 1 and have whatched them over and over again. I can't wait for the second season to come out on dvd. EVERYONE who loves both Gundam, anime and an awesome story with great characters, I suggest you check out this AMAZING show. Wish they did a 3rd season but atleast the movie looks REALLLLLLY GOOD.
  • This series follows four young men know to the world as Gundam Meisters as they try to force peace upon the world by waging war on agression.

    This is the crown jewel in the Gundam Universe. Doesn't hurt that it was completely filmed in HD for current technology. The animation is spectacular and the plot is superb. The main protagonists come across as emotionless drones until you get a couple of episodes in then you feel you can really like these guys. Dealing with high minded ideals like war and peace elevated this to a not only for teens story. I truly enjoy this series. And it begs the answer to the question, Is it truly peace when forced upon you at the barrel of a gun?
  • A fabulous addition to the Gundam franchise and my personal favourite after Gundam seed.

    This incarnation of the Gundam franchise takes place in the near future where mankind has created orbital elevators to get into space and also to create energy. This energy however is not shared equally and the three largest alliances of country's horde the energy and use it as a bargaining tool in disputes with smaller country's. This however leads to wars and these wars devistate lives. Thus enter's Celestial Being a group which plans to end war through armed intervention (basicly destroying any force that tries to start a battle) and they do these by using 4 very powerful Gundams.

    In many ways this show is exactly what you would expect of a Gundam series with lots of politics and side switching plus the usual plot twists and moral allegories through out. What sets it apart however are the deeply flawed and very realistic characters many of whom are little more than terrorists but with good hearts.

    All in all it has solid animation a good script and great voice talent. This is a must watch for action anime fans.
  • This Gundam brings the Gundam series back to the glory days (before seed).

    This show is amazing. It goes back to the Gundam Wing style, where Gundams are these giant mobile suits that destroy everything and only other Gundams pose a threat to them. Unlike Gundam Seed & Destiny, this show doesn't suck! This show is such an improvement over Seed that it isn't measurable. This is my second favorite Gundam show, behind Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. The plot of this is relatively the same with Wing. The goal of the Gundams is the achieve total pacifism. The difference is that it is set in our world, a little into the future where the need for energy causes global warfare and factions to arise. The middleast is engulfed in war due to the depletion of fossil fuels and that some continents gain their energy from the sun. And this Gundam show is in HD! Wonderful show, worth watching, even if you haven't watched any other Gundam shows, since the plot is not tied to any other Gundam show.
  • The Gundams are back with the best thing since Gundam Wing!

    A fan of Gundam Wing however I was unimpressed with the other installments of the gundam world....until now. I've only seen the first eight epiodes of the first season but I'm already hooked. The story starts off simple enough and introduces us to the four Mobile Suites and their pilots, but as it developes it becomes more and more complexed and even more intereting leaving the viewer wanting more. Much like Gundam Wing, it is the story of four elite pilots and their powerful Mobile suites called Gundams. The story focuses on the Gundams as part of a private armed organization called Celestial Being and their mission to end all war through armed intervention...however there are hints of a more complexed plan in the works. Intense action and a Great story makes Mobile Suite Gundam 00 a must see.
  • This is a show about four meisters who pilot these machines known as Gundam, and are in league with changing the war-strucked world.

    Usually, I don't watch any anime that has big robots or machines in it(ex. the previous gundam series), but when my brother told me about this show, it got me hook on for as long as it first came out. It's one of my personal favorite series and the coming second season is as best as it could be! Not only is the graphic and storyline completely mindblowing, but all the characters are sympathetic and very likeable (at this point, it's all about personal opinion ^^) But I do encourage anyone who likes an action based anime to watch this because once you're on the hook, there's no coming back down.
  • A show that will blow your mind

    The series is set in the years 2307-2308 AD of the Gregorian calendar. During this time, fossil fuels became exhausted and the distribution of fuels became imbalanced. Humanity must rely on an array of solar power generation systems orbiting the Earth, and supported by three orbital elevators, each one pertaining to one of the three "major powers" on the planet. With this infinite source of energy benefiting only the major powers and their allies, constant warfare erupts around the globe for fuels and energy. The nations that rely on fuel have plunged into poverty. Many believed that solar energy threatened the "promised land of God"
  • Incredible Show

    I know what your thinking(non-gundam fans)another installment of this show that you just can't get into.Not because of the convoluted plots [Gundam Wing G-Gundam],or lack of interesting characters but the fact of the matter is the real characters were the Gundams they weren't very interesting.

    Here Mobile Gundam 00 isn't about "Gundam Fights" or the fact that it is 200 years since humans inhabbited earth here is a story about Celestial Being a private army that is trying to end wars with force. Four Gundams agianst AEU HRL and the Union these are the three powers since the earth in now divided into these three organizations due to fossil fuels to have been depleted entirely.

    But backbone of the show are the characters Setsuna F. Seiei is a pilot for Celestial Being.Setsuna had some demons in his closet.Setsuna fought in a war when he was very young ,he was force to kill enemies and his comrades alike.Allelujah Haptism has a demon in his head,Allelujah was experimented on as a child. Due to extreme stress to his brain he has delevop another personality a very evil one to add.Graham Acre past has yet to be reveiled be from the flashback i get the idea he has experiences like Setsuna.

    Overal Story 9/10
    Characters 9/10
    Art 9/10
    The Writing 9/10
  • an underappeciated show

    Gundam 00 is about Gundam pilots who are part of a private army called Celestial Being. The whole point of this army is to eradicate all war in the world. by force.Setsuna F. Seiei is part of Celestial Being an army whose purpose is to stop war by attacking anyone who seeks to create has a good but dificult to follow storyline.the episodes very interesting like always they have great fight in the show.The other Gundam pilots, Lockon Stratos, Allelujah Haptism and Tieria Erde are all working together with Setsuna to stop wars from happining over all this show is a good one
  • The Gundam series has always been interesting and this new installment has not let us down. Gundam 00 has 4 Gundam pilots who are part of a private army called Celestial Being. The whole point of this army is to eradicate all war in the world.

    A new series that began in October, I believe this show will be very interesting. From the first episode there was action and battles that are classic in a Gundam Series. I think this show revealed good potential from the start. Setsuna F. Seiei is part of Celestial Being an army whose purpose is to stop war by attacking anyone who seeks to create it. The storyline is interesting if a little confusing sometimes. Celestial Being is trying to get rid of war by fighting which is kind of backward. The Gundams however, do make the episodes very interesting like always so that no one cares. The other Gundam pilots, Lockon Stratos, Allelujah Haptism and Tieria Erde are all working together with Setsuna to force the Earth and its people to stop trying to create wars.

    Can't wait to see how the series plays out.