Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2009)


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  • Incredible Show

    I know what your thinking(non-gundam fans)another installment of this show that you just can't get into.Not because of the convoluted plots [Gundam Wing G-Gundam],or lack of interesting characters but the fact of the matter is the real characters were the Gundams they weren't very interesting.

    Here Mobile Gundam 00 isn't about "Gundam Fights" or the fact that it is 200 years since humans inhabbited earth here is a story about Celestial Being a private army that is trying to end wars with force. Four Gundams agianst AEU HRL and the Union these are the three powers since the earth in now divided into these three organizations due to fossil fuels to have been depleted entirely.

    But backbone of the show are the characters Setsuna F. Seiei is a pilot for Celestial Being.Setsuna had some demons in his closet.Setsuna fought in a war when he was very young ,he was force to kill enemies and his comrades alike.Allelujah Haptism has a demon in his head,Allelujah was experimented on as a child. Due to extreme stress to his brain he has delevop another personality a very evil one to add.Graham Acre past has yet to be reveiled be from the flashback i get the idea he has experiences like Setsuna.

    Overal Story 9/10
    Characters 9/10
    Art 9/10
    The Writing 9/10