Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2009)


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  • A fabulous addition to the Gundam franchise and my personal favourite after Gundam seed.

    This incarnation of the Gundam franchise takes place in the near future where mankind has created orbital elevators to get into space and also to create energy. This energy however is not shared equally and the three largest alliances of country's horde the energy and use it as a bargaining tool in disputes with smaller country's. This however leads to wars and these wars devistate lives. Thus enter's Celestial Being a group which plans to end war through armed intervention (basicly destroying any force that tries to start a battle) and they do these by using 4 very powerful Gundams.

    In many ways this show is exactly what you would expect of a Gundam series with lots of politics and side switching plus the usual plot twists and moral allegories through out. What sets it apart however are the deeply flawed and very realistic characters many of whom are little more than terrorists but with good hearts.

    All in all it has solid animation a good script and great voice talent. This is a must watch for action anime fans.