Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - Season 2

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Rebirth
    Episode 25
    Setsuna's 00-Riser faces off against Ribbons and his own twin drive Gundam, the Reborn Cannon. However, when both suits are heavily damaged in battle Ribbons takes control of Gundam 0 and Setsuna once again pilots Gundam Exia. Meanwhile, Lockon and Allelujah take on the remaining Innovators.
    Episode 24
    The Gundams continue their fight to regain control of Veda. Tieria reaches Veda but is shot in a confrontation with Ribbons. The rest of the Gundams and the crew of the Ptolemaios are also losing the battle. That is until Setsuna engages the Trans-Am Burst, disrupting the Innovators quantum brainwaves and turning the tide of the battle in their favour.moreless
  • Flower of Life
    Episode 23
    Celestial Being and it's new allies continue to engage the A-LAWS fleet but when Ribbons realises that A-LAWS might lose he reveals his powerful mothership for the first time. As such the Ptolemaios and Gundams attempt to infiltrate the mothership and retake Veda from Ribbons. However, they encounter heavy resistance from mobile suits, automatons and the other Innovators.moreless
  • For the Future
    Episode 22
    Celestial Being finally learn the location of Veda but unfortunately A-LAWS has amassed a huge fleet at the same location. As such Celestial Being together with Katharon and the remnants of the coup d'etat faction launch an all out assault on the A-LAWS. Meanwhile, Ribbons Almark is betrayed by Regene Regetta.moreless
  • Meet Again
    Meet Again
    Episode 21
    The Ptolemaios heads for Lagrane 5 to affect much needed repairs to the ship, while Setsuna and Saji investigate a strange message. When they arrive they encounter Liu Mei and finally discover the location of Veda. However, before they can report back to the rest of Celestial Being Mr. Bushido (now revealed to be Graham Aker) appears and challenges Setsuna to a duel. At the same time Louise finally gets her revenge on Nena Trinity.moreless
  • Anew Return
    Anew Return
    Episode 20
    Anew takes Mileina hostage in an attempt to steal Gundam 00 but when Peries, Setsuna and Lockon interfere Anew and Revive only just manage to sabotage the 00 Raiser and escape in a shuttle. However, with the Ptolemaios crippled and the 00 Raiser out of commission the Innovators decide to launch an attack and take Gundam 00 by force. During the battle Setsuna is forced to kill Anew and Lockon does not take it well.moreless
  • 2/15/09
    On Earth the surviving members of Katharon are attacked by the Federation. Meanwhile, in space Celestial Being are once again attacked by A-LAWS. During the battle 00's Trans Am allows Saji and Louise to reconnect. The Gundam Meisters also manage to capture Captain Revive Revival during the battle. However, things begin to go awry when it emerges that Anew is also an Innovator and she turns on the crew. Nena Trinity also becomes a traitor when she turns against Liu Mei.moreless
  • Entangled Yearnings
    Episode 18
    A crisis is unfolding, but the Ptolemaios 2, which has not yet been fully repaired, is unable to break the deadlock. The wounded Setsuna returns to battle despite his injuries, asking Saji to help him save countless innocent lives.
  • Mixed Feelings
    Mixed Feelings
    Episode 18
    It has been four months since the destruction of the African Tower and the Federation uses the incident to transfer all military forces under the direct command of A-LAWS. Katharon has been forced to scatter in order to avoid the search for anti-federation forces. Meanwhile, Celestial Being launches an attack on the second Memento Mori weapon and destroys it using the 00-Riser's Trans-Am. They then decide that with the situation worsening the only option left is to retrieve Veda from the Innovators. However, before they can hatch a plan the A-LAWS once again discover their position and launch an attack.moreless
  • In the Midst of Scattered Light
    Hercules and Smirnov realise that the plan to reveal the truth about the Federation was too simplistic and that the lives of the civillians on the orbital elevator are considered expendable by A-LAWS. As the Federation prepares to fire Momento Mori the Meisters engage the A-LAWS forces on Earth. Meanwhile, Setsuna and Saji take the 00-Riser into space and attempt to destroy the weapon. Although they succeed it is too late as the orbital elevator has already been hit. In a desperate attempt to save lives Sumeragi orders not only the Gundams but all available mobile suits to destroy the debris before it crashes to Earth on densely populated areas. In the aftermath Andrei mistakenly thinks that his father is involved with the renegades and attacks him.moreless
  • Prelude to Tragedy
    Episode 16
    Now that Colonel Hercules and his men have taken control of the African Tower's Low Orbital Station the Federation Government is spreading misinformation about what is really happening on the station. Colonel Smirnov is then sent to infiltrate the tower and relay a message to his old friend. Meanwhile, back on Earth Setsuna's battle with Mr. Bushido is cut short by the arrival of the Ptolemaios and the other Gundams. Also the Federation has a second Momento Mori weapon that is preparing to destroy the entire African Tower.moreless
  • Paean of the Rebellion
    The crew of the Ptolemaios calls for assisstance from Katharon to complete their repairs. Meanwhile, a wounded Setsuna must also seek help from Katharon and is once again reunited with Marina. Hank Hercule's coup d'etat also begins in Africa throwing the Federation into chaos and unexpectedly aiding the Ptolemaios. Setsuna once again encounters the mysterious Mr. Bushido and his new machine, Masurao.moreless
  • A Song is Heard
    A Song is Heard
    Episode 14
    After the Memento Mori's destruction, the Ptolemaios is forced to descend to Earth. Separated from his comrades, Setsuna is lured by Ali Al-Saachez into a meeting with Ribbons. In a heated battle Setsuna manages to destroy the Arche Gundam with the 00 Raiser's Trans-Am system, but is unable to kill Ali himself. Meanwhile, the Ptolemaios is attacked by the Innovators and Tieria reveals the Seraphim Gundam hidden in Seravee. Tensions between the A-Laws and the Federation Army continue to rise to the point of an emerging coup d'etat.moreless
  • Offensive Operation: Memento Mori
    The meisters launch a daring and dangerous attack on the orbital weapons system in order to destroy it once and for all.
  • Waiting in Space
    Waiting in Space
    Episode 12
    00-Raiser's increased Trans-Am rate enables it to outclass and outmaneuver the Innovators' mobile suits forcing them to flee as their suits are destroyed. Louise concludes that Saji has always been a member of Celestial Being and gets rid of any memory she has of him. The Memento Mori's second barrage destroys a military base and simultaneously kills innumerable civilian refugees. As the Katharon space force approaches the Memento Mori, the superweapon turns its laser on the fleet and annihilates half of the ships.moreless
  • 00's Voice
    Episode 11
    After Memento Mori is fired Katharon begins planning an attack to destroy the superweapon. Tieria decides to tell his comrades about the Innovators. A-Laws launch an attack on Celestial Being's asteroid base forcing everyone to flee. During the battle Ian is injured, leaving Saji to deliver the 0-Raiser to Setsuna. The combined unit, the 00-Raiser, is able to dispatch the A-Laws. Saji and Louise are shocked to learn that they are fighting on opposing sides.moreless
  • Light of Heaven
    Episode 10
    The Federation's plan to forcibly reorganize the Middle East is opposed by the kingdom of Suille, the strongest of the Middle Eastern nations. Concerned by this resistance, the Federation decides to dispatch the A-LAWS to Suille, and Sergei Smirnov is ordered to observe the situation from the country's borders. Meanwhile, Katharon hopes to join forces with Suille, and begins negotiations with the kingdom.moreless
  • Heavenly Light
    Heavenly Light
    Episode 10
    The surviving Katharon members plan for negotiations with the Seele Kingdom to oppose the A-Laws. Meanwhile, Celestial Being return to their asteroid base, where Setsuna retrieves the 0-Raiser. Meanwhile, the A-Laws fire a particle beam with their new orbital weapon, Memento Mori, destroying the Seele Kingdom's capital and the Katharon agents who were negotiating with the Seele government.moreless
  • Unerasable Past
    Unerasable Past
    Episode 9
    Setsuna and Tieria face off against Ali Al-Saachez's Arche Gundam, but are outmatched by the new machine. Lockon learns the circumstances behind his brother's death. A message to Celestial Being leads Sumeragi to realize that Kati is a member of the A-LAWS.
  • The Indelible Past
    Episode 9
    Setsuna and Tieria are confronted by Ali al-Saachez and his new Arche Gundam. A furious Tieria tries to avenge Lockon, but is overwhelmed by the enemy's fighting strength. From Tieria's behavior, Lyle learns that al-Saachez is the man who killed his brother.
  • An Innocent Distortion
    After listening to the Innovator, Regene Regetta, and hearing his thoughts on Aeolia Schenberg's plan, Tieria and Setsuna infiltrate a party which Livonze Almark will be attending. When hearing of this intel, Tieria volunteers to go for recon with Setsuna going as backup. At the party, Livonze reveals to Tieria that he should have died in the battle four years ago with the rest of Celestial Being. Livonze extends an offer to Tieria to join him but Tieria refuses. Together with Setsuna, who has been compromised in the presence of Louise Halevy, Tieria makes his escape only to run into Ali Al-Sarchez in the air.moreless
  • A Reunion and A Parting
    Setsuna tries to activate Trans-Am to fight off Mr. Bushido and he gains the upper hand but before he can strike the final blow, the Trans-Am fails and Mr. Bushido leaves in disgust. Allelujah grabs onto Soma Peries suit with Arios and they both plummet to the ground. They exit their Mobile Suits and Allelujah tries to get through to Soma saying that she is really Marie Parfacy. He manages to break through to her other personality and they stop fighting. Sergeant Smirnov arrives but after hearing the explanation he says he will let them be together.moreless
  • Scar
    Episode 6
    When the Gundam Meisters return, they are accused by Kataron of leaking information. Tieria sees Saji looking in horror at the carnage and interrogates him. Meanwhile, Sumeragi has disturbing flashbacks of the death of her loved one and she faints. The A-LAWS attack again and Setsuna goes after Mr. Bushido while Allelujah tries to get through to Soma Peries.moreless
  • Homeland Burning
    Episode 5
    Saji, unwilling to remain with Celestial Being or Kataron, escapes in a car only to be captured by an Earth Federation ship. He is interrogated by Colonel Smirnov who believes that he is innocent but Saji's information is leaked to the A-LAWS and Smirnov releases Saji when he can no longer protect him. The A-LAWS attack the Kataron base with Military Automatons that kill soldiers and civilians alike while Soma Peries can only watch in horror. Meanwhile, Setsuna and Marina arrive in Azadistan to find it in flames with Ali Al-Sarchez in the middle of the chaos.moreless
  • Reasons for Fighting
    As the Ptolemaios escapes underwater, Marina asks to be transported to Azadistan. On the way, they are ambushed by A-LAWS and their new underwater mobile armour: the Trilobite. Setsuna defeats it and then he and Allelujah head for the surface. Their attack on the main ship is cut short by Mr. Bushido(Graham) and Lieutenant Peries. Both Gundams are having trouble when Kataron intervenes with support suits. After the battle, Shirin Bakhtiar comes forward to Marina to say that she has joined Kataron.moreless
  • Operation Allelujah Rescue
    Celestial Being discovers that Gundam Meister Allelujah Haptism is alive and being held prisoner in a Human Reform League prison facility. Along with the intel, they also find that Marina Ismail of Azadistan is also a prisoner. At the same time as the rescue mission, Kataron mounts an offensive to free their captured comrades thanks to intel from Lockon. Before Allelujah escapes in his new Gundam: Arios, he is stopped by Lieutenant Soma Peries. Allelujah tells her that her true name is Marie Parfacy.moreless
  • Twin Drive
    Episode 2
    Setsuna goes down to Earth to locate Celestial Being strategist Sumeragi Lee Noriega and to recruit Lyle Dylandy, brother of the late Neil Dylandy (also code-named Lockon Stratos). Lyle is to become the new Lockon Stratos within Celestial Being. The three return to space but intel is leaked that reveals the position of the Ptolemaios 2 and the ship is attacked by A-LAWs. With only two Mobile Suits, Setsuna and Tieria must try to fend off the enemy even though the new 00 Gundam is unstable.moreless
  • 10/5/08
    Four years have passed since the final battle with Celestial Being and the government has formed a group called the A-LAWS to combat anti-federation forces. In response, a rebel group called Kataron has formed to try and oppose the cruelty of the A-LAWS. The remaining Celestial Being members gather together to stop the ruthless methods used by the Government however their first priority is finding the missing Setsuna.moreless