Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (JPN)

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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (JPN)

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Two years after the war in CE 73, conflicts between ZAFT and the Earth heat up again. ZAFT's, which now lead by Gilbert Durandal, new top pilot is the young Shin Asuka. Shin's eyes are full of sorrow as his family was killed in Orb during the war. Meanwhile, Athrun is torn between protecting Cagalli in Orb and doing something about the war. When the one who joined ZAFT, Shin, and the one who left ZAFT, Athrun, the story begins...

Opening Theme 1: "Ignited" by TM Revolution (Episodes 1 through 13)
Opening Theme 2: "Pride" by High & Mighty Color (Episodes 14 through 24)
Opening Theme 3: "Boku-tachi no Yukue" ["Our Whereabouts"] by Hitomi Takahashi (Episodes 25 through 37)
Opening Theme 4: "Wings of Words" by Chemistry (Episodes 38 through ??)
Ending Theme 1: "Reason" by Nami Tamaki (Episodes 1 through 13)

Ending Theme 2: "Life goes On" by Mika Arisaki (Episodes 14 through 25)
Ending Theme 3: "I Wanna go to a Place..." by Rie Fu (Episodes 26 through 37)
Ending Theme 4: "Kimi no Boku ni Niteiru" ["You Look Like Me"] by See-Saw (Episodes 38 through ??)


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AIRED ON 12/25/2005

Season 1 : Episode 52

Akira Sasanuma

Akira Sasanuma

Dearka Elsman

Hideyuki Hori

Hideyuki Hori

Lord Djibril

Isshin Chiba

Isshin Chiba

Arnold Neumann

Kenichi Suzumura

Kenichi Suzumura

Shinn Asuka

Kotono Mitsuishi

Kotono Mitsuishi

Murrue Ramius (Maria Vernes

Takehito Koyasu

Takehito Koyasu

Neo Lorranoke, Mwu La Fllaga (Phase 20, Phase 29)

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  • I love this series! I'm a huge Athrun Zala fan so it's nice to see his side of the story. It's three years after Gundam Seed and most of your favorites return. This series stays political yet entertaining as it parallels events in the Iraq conflict.moreless

    Gundam Seed Destiny picks up three years after Gundam Seed. The world is on the verge of war again as the Naturals and Coordinators tensions heat up. PLANT chairman Gilbert Dullindal and Orb representative Cagalli Yula Athha meet in regards to the new developments of Mobile Suits. While deliberating, the base they are on is attacked by Blue Cosmos. This jump starts the series as Athrun Zala, using the alias Alex Dino, is thrust back into war as he is now Cagalli's personal bodyguard. In order to rescue her, he pilots a Zaku to fight off the three new model mobile suits. Shinn Asuka and other members of the crew of the Minerva assist Athrun in his struggles as eventually, through many chain of events, Athrun becomes not only a part of ZAFT again but a FAITH member now in charge of Shinn. Meanwhile, Cagalli deperately attempts to stop Orb from joining the war while Kira Yamato searches for the meaning behind an attempted assassination plot of Lacus Clyne.

    This Gundam series delivers if you're looking for a lot of great character development and parallel political issues to today's world. Their message of war is bad comes through clearly in a very entertaining way.moreless
  • what!dejavu all over and over and over again

    what i can tell about mobile suit gundam seed destiny it is like watching mobile suit gundam seed all over again! and the new character shin asuka is look like young kira yamato. and azthrun at the first always pick the wrong side but eventually will side with the good guys.the earth forces will nuke the zaft forces and zaft will payback with the regenisis.and lastly the hero kira yamato the freedom pilot,azthrun the justice pilot archangel and the orb forces come to the rescue!its like 'dejavu' all over again!moreless
  • A remake of a remake.

    Gundam Seed Destiny is nothing more than a remake of Gundam Seed which is a remake of the original Gundam Series. Not only is Destiny unoriginal it adds nothing new. Sure the animation is still great, but everything else is terrible. First is the story which should progress forward instead just repeats over again from Gundam Seed, nothing changes it the exact same damn story. Talk about wasting money. Destiny could have been at least average if it went in a different direction or added a new twist to the story, but it didn't. Now if I hadn't watch Gundam Seed first I could see myself liking this show, to bad the creators wasted so much money on two exact same shows.moreless
  • A gundam show unfortunately spoilt by poor writing and abrupt twists in the story.

    The series starts with a bang - yet the first episode resembles the same in SEED too much. There has to be other ways to start a series other than the hijacking and stealing of Mobile Suits, which has been seen already. Completely unoriginal.

    The male lead - Shinn is unfortunately weak. He is extremely immature yet has a good heart. It is a shame the producers brought out all his bad qualities as the show progressed, and corrupting his mind further.

    The new characters in Destiny also become overshadowed by the old ones from SEED. Kira (male lead in SEED) had a massive fan base and the producers of Destiny caved into fan pressure and made him and his gang on the Archangel dominate the new people in Destiny. Bad move in my opinion.

    Character development exists but is abrupt with dead ends due to the above reasons.

    The plot itself, Dullindal's careful planning is actually quite interesting. However, the way this was ended was simply a clash of opinions, with the victor having final say. This ended up as a clash of Socialism and Neo-Liberalism. Both systems are far from perfect but I cannot really say Socialism in a technologically advanced world in Destiny sounded so bad.

    I cannot agree with what this show portrayed. Unlike SEED where its purpose was simply to stop war, Destiny was simply dog eat dog, survival of the fittest. Not something I like seeing condoned especially through the loss of human life. Sure, plenty of shows are dog eat dog but not many have a "god-like" character portrayed as a person who has to be always correct (ala Lacus).

    The music was top-notch as one could expect from SEED, with a whopping 4-CD OST on sale.

    The animation quality has improved over SEED, as one could expect after 2 years and improvements with CGI. However, can't the producers see for themselves how painfully obvious the recycled stock footage in battles are?

    This was a series dogged by internal politics problems in real life (at the point of production) leading to countless unexpected, unexplained and irrational changes to the direction the show took.

    7/10, which is rather poor for where 9.2 is considered "average".

    My personal "British University" rating - 4.3/10 which is a bare pass. No honours.moreless
  • Gundams are pretty clasic but everyone is just unique.

    I must say that GSD is so coool, though I have not yet seen Gundam Seed, this is a really great SHOW. I saw Gundam Wing and it was cool as well. But the great thing about this one is that, unlike Wing, it is not concentrated in ONE SOLE PERSON. Thus, Gundam is always fun to watch. The uniqueness of this show is the different love interestts for the characters, though they're not always accurate. They later on find the one that they are in love with. The animation and drawings for Seed Destiny are visually fantastic and look wonderful in a fight.moreless
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