Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (US)

Season 1 Episode 50

Final Phase: Towards an Endless Tomorrow

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Apr 16, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks the death of Clotho Buer, Flay Allster, Patrick Zala, and Rau Le Creuset, in that order.

    • When aired on Cartoon Network it was given a PG-SV rating rather than the usual TV-Y7 television rating

    • Like with the previous episode, this episode was aired with most of the original material with just a few edits done; airbrushing the naked Flay's body to avoid showing her cleavage and although some of the scenes that were previously edited out in PHASE-45 were shown, the blood and more violent scenes were still edited out.

    • The gun used by the ZAFT soldier fatally wounded by Chairman Zala was normal as he aimed it at him, but as he shot him, it turn into the infamous "Disco Gun" (Neon strips and red light)!

  • Quotes

    • Fllay Allster: (as her spirit embraces a heartbroken Kira Yamato) I'll protect you now. My true feelings will protect you.

  • Notes

    • When this episode, along with every other episode where they showed the "Disco Gun", aired on YTV in Canada, all the guns looked like guns.

    • Although Cartoon Network aired some of the scenes of Coordinators getting shot that was previously edited out in PHASE-45, however the blood and the more violent scenes were still edited out.

    • The scene in which the spirit of the late Fllay Allster gave her "angelic apology" to a heartbroken Kira Yamato is show UNCUT--with some slight minor tampering by Bandai Entertainment editors.

      Edit: Cartoon Network does the Editing for TV. Not Bandai. Also, for those who dont know, the Slight tampering was just a lighting effect added to cover the cleavege line on fllay's chest.

    • The Rating for this Phase, which supprised me, was upped from TV-Y7 to TV-PG (S,L). A very smart move by Cartoon Network. The editing was limited to some of the blood and language.

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