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  • Two things that Gundam SEED is really lacking in...direction and testosterone.

    Not really a big Gundam fan, ever since sitting through what I thought was going to be an excellent anime in Wing, I just couldn't bear watching another cookie cutter action scene with horrible political struggles. I gave Gundam another try though with SEED since it was the most recent, perhaps it doesn't suffer from the same deficiencies as Wing? Nope, it does, Wing and SEED are similar in so many bad ways; the reptitive and overused action scenes and a horrible story with disoriented political views on each opposing side, though SEED felt a bit more organized and had a pretty climatic and hotblooded ending compared to Wing outside of Endless Waltz. However the cast is infinitely inferior and way too melodramatic that really bars SEED from being a distinguished mecha anime besides having the label Gundam next to it.

    The premise of young boys and girls having the task of leading an entire country's military force may seem a little to cliche, but it works and offers some pretty unique situations in its comical relief moments. Where the problem lies is the immaturity and naiveness they bring onto the battlefield. Countless idiotic decisions one after another listening to their emotions instead of their logic, a lot of pondering about life, etc. Even worse is that just about every main and minor character along with the villains are around 16 years of age.

    Story revolves around the voyage of the Arcangel ship on the side of the Earth Forces who are being chased by their bioligically superior enemies ZAFT and PLANTS. Gundam SEED is unique in that we rarely see these types of adventures anymore with ships traveling around trying to escape from the grasp of an enemy force. Last I've seen is probably Last EXILE. The journey gets a bit underwhelming when the crewmembers start going through these emotional moments, crying and wishing they were home away from the conflict. You just get sick of these melodramatic sessions you tell yourself "Don't frikkin fight if you don't even know why you're fighting," which is sadly, common sense and a common theme in this anime. Was this supposed to be aimed at 7 year olds?

    The worst victims of the shows lacking themes are the lead male and female characters. In particular Fllay is what I would call a spoiled ex girlfriend; whines whines and whines, complains all the frikkin time and forgetting how fortunate she really is. It just makes you want to punch her in the face and smoke a cigarette after. Kira Yamato, the main character, is only slightly better but dislikable in the opposite sense. Being a coordinater, the genetically enhanced humans that the "naturals", the Earth Forces are fighting against, he is in a real bind battling and killing against his own kind. There was a lot of potential for some great character development, instead we just get all of this melodrama with Kira who likes to relieve himself by letting out the most pathetic cry my ears have ever heard. Never have there been two lead characters that are so uninspirational, annoying, and pathetic all in one package.

    While the story is more organized than Wing, it still lacks direction and realism. Following the Arcangel in its excavation for a safe haven out of the clutches of the ZAFT forces was actually a very unique concept. From time to time the Earth Forces would send their help but as soon as those reinforcements do arrive, ZAFT Gundams would swoop in and destroy them. This rinse and repeat process is so ridiculous to watch in just about every sense. First of all I have a hard time believing that just four machines can destroy entire, literally ENTIRE fleets in just about twenty minutes. The lack of congruency in the Gundams makes you hate to watch most of the fights. Secondly the same exact scenes are always always always repeated! Cookie cutter to its finest, embarrassing that this anime made in 2002 uses techniques that were somewhat acceptable in 1960.

    Second half of the anime starts going downhill, then goes back up a little bit during its ending. There is a time when the crewmembers of the Arcangel question if fighting for the Earth Forces is the best thing to do, in the end they optioned to side with ORB, a collection of neutral countries that are friendly to both naturals and coordinators. The Arcangel and the Strike, which was the Earth Forces lone mobile suit, were the earth's strongest weapons. They leave and out of nowhere, earth comes up with their own mass produced Optimus Prime look a like mobile suits with three Gundams of there own piloted by hotblooded teenagers. You ask yourself, where in the hell was all of this before? It went from Earth getting their asses handed to them endlessly by ZAFT to Earth being equal to ZAFT. It is just absolutely ridiculous, even if it somehow made sense the timing just makes you facepalm yourself.

    Ending was at least pretty climatic and exciting, unfortunately the battles still suffer from cookie cutter, save for the final episode that had original material. First half of Gundam SEED was pretty average that had a unique concept of survival, but the second half was just plain mediocre. It is saved by the final couple of episodes that was hotblooded to watch and exciting. Overall, Gundam SEED suffers from horrible cookie cutter fight scenes, underwhelming and melodramatic characters, overpowered Gundams that made the fighting boring to watch, and an atrociously timed plot. Other than its ending SEED isn't much better than Wing, which isn't saying much.
  • One of my favorites.

    In my mind, this is one of the best shows from Toonami. Here is a list of the good and bad sides of the show:

    The Good:
    Intense action scenes
    Pump rockin' music
    Lovable characters
    Sci-Fi anime
    Battles do not drag on
    Excellent dialog

    The Bad:
    Sometimes the DVD's are broken
    US version has edited out the good stuff
    Lacus' singing is bad

    Do not think I am crazy on this but...the show has powers! Every time I watch a volume of this series before a race weekend, really good things happen. When I watched the first volume, Danica Patrick won the IndyCar race in Japan, Matt Hawkins won the ARCA race in Iowa in his first start, Kyle Busch won the Nationwide race in Mexico City. When I watched the second volume, Denny Hamlin won the Nationwide race at Richmond, which is his home track, Intense Sprint Cup race at Richmond that Clint Bowyer won, Jimmie Johnson struggled, Joey Logano won the ARCA race at Rockingham, the dude is 17!

    I recommened this series to anyone (including race fans, like me). Well uhhhhhh, Good Bye!
  • the most wanted and the most brilliance gundam story ever made.

    this story about two friends kira yamato from earth force and athrun zala from zaft force fight each other to protec the one they love.but eventually their will join forces and save the world from total destruction.gundam seed is the best from the other gundam that i seen before.the story line is great than before.the character and the new mobile suit is more awesome.and if you not seen this story yet just give it a try and i think you will enjoy it.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, shortened to Gundam SEED, is an anime television series by Sunrise and Bandai Visual.

    Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda (Future GPX Cyber Formula and Gear Fighter Dendoh) with music by Toshihiko Sahashi, the series is the first set in the Cosmic Era. This series begins with the Bloody Valentine War between Earth and the colonies that is similar to the One Year War of the original Gundam series with certain traditional elements from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and After War Gundam X such as the presence of five multicolored Gundam mobile suits and the threat of an apocalypse. On one side is the Earth Alliance, and on the opposite is the space colonies that form ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty). Mankind is divided over human genetic engineering, with normal humans known as "Naturals" and the genetically altered humans known as "Coordinators". Like the original series, ZAFT has a head start on mobile suit design, the Earth Alliance quickly catches up with its five prototype Gundams. With ZAFT having stolen four of the prototypes, young Coordinator Kira Yamato pilots the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam and is forced to fight his old friend Athrun Zala. Little do they know that there are sinister forces at work that go far beyond their worst nightmares.
  • A remake of the original Gundam Series.

    Gundam Seed is a remake of the original Gundam Series, but still pretty good adding news story lines. The animation is just great, truly breath taking. The music is pretty good. The action scenes were great, not lasting forever like other anime shows, but moving and intense. The show ran 50 episodes not to long to repeat stories over, but long enough to complete the story. I couldn't give it a 9 or 10 because it's a direct remake or the original series, I don't give 9 or 10s to remakes. I'm running out of stuff to say so I just end it now.
  • One of the best animes of all time, even if you not a huge gundam fan.

    One of my favorite animes of all time. I like this anime alot as it deals alot with the characters emotions and the music and action make it so much more. Even if your not a fan of gundam as I never was until I saw this Gundam series and really got into it. The storyline is preety good and relates alot of the war and theres the odd humor here and there as well. So overall great anime and I would recommand almost anyone to watch it as it has a bit of everything all bunch into one great anime series.
  • This revolves around a war between Natruals(Non-genitcally engineered)and co-ordinaters (gentically enginered humans) the Naturals have greater numbers but inferior to counter the , both sides eventually use there super weapons. And must be stopped

    This is what mech anime is all about action packed indiscriminate fighting between montorous sized fighting machines.

    I personally find some of the episodes borring( by this i mean the episodes were the sum up every thing that has happened.) there are about 3 i think.
    Anyways the storyline is extreme but a bit old \\\"you know a kid finds he has a tallent to kill stuff(or protect, What ever your preference) then he must save his friends from danger.
    That might sound dumb but its a good start.

    The story revolves around kira(the hero) who evintually finds out he is a berserker(but not the only one) during the series a number of characters are revealed to be beserkers.

    any ways if you like mech Anime you\\\'ll love this its great
  • One of the best Gun-dam series ever

    SEED is basically Bandai's move to relaunch Gundam into the new century. It takes the best parts out of every Gundam series there's ever been; Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam, 0083, 0080, Zeta etc...and puts it into a stew. You may hear from some super hard-core Gundam fans hate SEED because it is a re-telling of the One Year War because of so much parallel stuff, however, that is barely the case. Prior to SEED's release it was stated that it would be a re-telling of the One Year War but with one can tell it has lots of What if?....Something similar to X Gundam's plot which too was a What if? The early episodes parallels with the First Series but eventually uses it to kick-off into quite an original exciting story. A war between genetically engineered people and naturals(us), the story of how a young boy gets caught into a war against and with his friends and meeting strangers who know more about him than he knows himself which unleashes an even more exciting story full of mystery and suspense. Very bloody as the series shows the sorrow and horrors of war; genocide, massacres, bloody battles, you name it. The series will be brought into America about one year from now. It will finish in Japan on the 26th of September so if you can, get DVD's or borrow from your friends to watch all 50 episodes of one of the best series ever.
  • In year 70 of the cosmic era, following the "Bloody Valentine","Earth Alliance Federation" and the "ZAFT" forces are in the middle of a huge war.After 5 ZAFT soldiers attempt to steal 5 EAF Mobile Suits,Kira Yamato discovers the Strike Gundam and is force

    "Gundam Seed" is probaly my favourite of the gundam series. The story at first seemed to be similar to the previous stories but as it progressed, it proved itself to be my favourite gundam series and probaly my favourite anime. The EAF wasn't the "good guys" that they seemed to be and Zaft were still the bad guys showing that both sides of the war had their faults. Another big plus to this show is the character development and interaction. Most of the characters were likable and easy to get attached to. The relationships between them were really well done. When characters died, I felt for them and the people who lost them because the emotion out into them were great. The action is probaly the best that I have EVER seen in any gundam series and the Gundam designs were the coolest things i've ever seen. This show really is a classic and forever will be.
  • off the edge mech action!!!

    gundam. The series has come a long way from the mach 8 type of anime.The newest edition is Gundam Seed. Gundam seed features a young 17 year old boy and his friends between the war of the earth alliance and zaft. the boy Kaira yamito pilot of the strike gundam is forced to battle againced his old friend onthe oyher side when zaft takes the prototype mobile suits from the earth forces.But what every battle holds is a question to kaira. can i shoot down my own friend?
  • Year 70 of the cosmic era, tentions flare after the Bloody Valentines Tragidy, The Earth Aliences and the ZAFT organization, fight to elimanate each other, naturels agenst corodanators, fighting to kill each others enemy.

    This is the most fantastic show in the seris on Gundam, this is the most entertaining, dramatic, romantic, actionistic, and more, it has tragity, friendship, deseat, betrail, it is just amazing, the graphics are top notch and there is just so much more things that make this classic anime fantastic.
  • This show is about a young coordinator thrown into war and fighting against his own people. He meets plenty of wonderful people along the way and is inspired by them to change his aspect on war. With three heriones and plenty of heroes to keep up, somethi

    This show is simply amazing. This is my absolute favorite Gundam and it has reasons to be. The art design is just beautiful. The storyline is wonderful and loveable. There is a character in this show that can relate to anyone. This is the type of program where you begin to show compassion for a particular character. In my case, it was Athuran and Kira. This one of my absolute favorite shows ever and competes right up there with Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha. This show had me crying so much because it was wonderful. I seriously cannot wait for Gundam Seed Destiny to show on Cartoon Network.